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Why Choose phs Besafe

phs Besafe use a unique wash process which respects the fabric of the workwear, our service preserves the waterproof and Hi Viz properties of the garment, extending it's life in the process

  • 569 Thousand Workwear garments laundered every year
  • 58 Thousand Garments repaired and altered annually
  • 64 Thousand Garments in circulation throughout the UK

Specialist workwear and laundry solutions

phs Besafe is the leading supplier of PPE and high visibility workwear in the UK. We offer a complete service from measurement and branding, to repairs and laundry services. Our range of fully compliant high visibility garments and PPE provide maximum quality, comfort and unparalleled protection for you employees.

What we offer

Nationwide service

A fast, efficient collection and delivery service with drivers across the UK and five laundry locations.

Full circle service

Taking care of all your needs at every stage, from measurement and supply of high quality, branded workwear to disposal of garments.

Specialist laundry service

Environmentally friendly, organic process to remove all dirt and irritants, ensuring garments are returned clean dry and safe to wear.

High quality protection

Garments include the latest technology, offering the highest quality protection and compliance in harsh and dark environments.

Personal service

Flexible and reliable service that meets your exact needs with just one point of contact.

Tracking and reporting

All garments are barcoded to provide easy identification, tracking and reporting on each item.

phs Besafe offers a fully managed solution, giving you peace-of-mind that your empolyees are well protected, safe and compliant at all times.

We take care of everything...

  • High quality garments, always in stock and available for fast delivery
  • All garments are barcoded to allow easy identification, tracking and reporting
  • Fast and convenient delivery and collection including small laundry batches
  • Unique laundry service to improve the garments lifespan
  • Garments laundered with specially formulated detergent to ensure the removal of oils and grease
  • Measuring service to ensure fit, comfort and safety
  • Meticulous garment inspections and repair if necessary
  • Secure garment removal and disposal at end of life
  • Options for the delivery of garments directly to individual lockers
  • Garments are individually bagged to ensure they are clean until used
  • Individual customer point of contact and access to web portal for invoices and service schedules

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Workwear & Laundry Solutions Brochure

We specialise in providing flexible and reliable workwear, locker and laundry services.