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Commercial & Workwear Laundry Services

Our Commercial Workwear Laundry Service is perfect for industrial businesses looking to relieve the pressure of managing staff workwear.

phs Besafe provides a workwear supply and laundering service for over 3,000 UK sites, helping to ensure the safety and comfort of thousands of people.

  • Local or national service
  • Personal hands on service throughout
  • True garment traceability
  • Unique web portal for account visibility
  • Single point of contact for all queries
  • Excellent wash quality
  • Flexible, tailored service
  • Advice and guidance at every stage
  • Approved Achilles UVDB and Link Up suppliers

Why Choose Us

58 Thousand Garments repaired last year 98Percent Customer satisfaction with our products and field based services 2 million Items delivered across 3,313 customer sites

Some of our Commercial & Workwear Laundry Clients


Whale Tankers

Aggregate Industries

Services We Provide

Whether it’s for compliance, protection or just to keep your staff looking professional and presentable, phs Besafe provides a full range of commercial laundry and repair services to meet your needs. We can provide regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning of all types of work clothing from traditional uniforms to workshop overalls. 

Industrial Cleaning Services

We can provide regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning of all types of industrial garment clothing.

Managed Locker Service

Our managed locker service provides the facility for laundered garments to be delivered directly to an employees locker. Our bulk collectors also provide secure units for storing garments awaiting laundry collection.

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Garment Repairs and Altering

Annually phs Besafe repairs a total of 58,000 garments. Our garment repairs and altering service is extremely popular as it allows your company to extend the life of your industrial workwear whilst keeping your uniform costs down. 

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Uniform Destruction

As many business owners are aware, branded uniforms can aid fraudulent use if they fall into the wrong hands. The uniform destruction service from phs protects your brand's security by ensuring that branded workwear is thoroughly destroyed in a controlled and highly secured environment.

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Sectors We Serve

phs Besafe provides a wide range of commercial cleaning services, as mentioned above, to a number of specific sectors. By catering our highly effective laundry services to certain sectors throughout the UK allows us to provide a unique washing process which compliments and respects the types of workwear we can cater for. Please see below for further information on the types of sectors we serve & how we can help.


There are many hazards to consider on a construction site. Many solids, liquids and gases can catch fire and burn. It only takes a source of ignition, which may be a small flame or an electrical spark, together with air, for a fire to start. Wearing the proper safety workwear is essential for employees working on construction sites. At phs Besafe, we provide a range of services and products which can help ensure extra protection and stability for workers.

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Transport & Automotive 

Employees working on train tracks or around a coach depot, particularly in locations where poor lighting may pose a safety risk, need to be issued with comfortable, high visibility clothing. phs Besafe’s high visibility Bright Gear range conforms to the Railway Group Standard (GO/RT 3279), as well as the EN 20471 Standard (European Standard). 

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Emergency Services

Emergency workers, such as firefighters and paramedics put themselves in danger on a daily basis, responding to rail and traffic incidents, floods, chemical spills, fires and explosions, to name a few. The correct workwear, particularly for firefighters, should include flame retardant garments that don’t restrict movement. To meet the fire safety standards for this occupation, phs Besafe’s protective clothing complies with specific European regulations such as EN ISO 11612 (Flame Retardant).

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Working in a dark and restrictive location like a mine can be perilous. Our Glow Gear range with VizLite Dual technology is the perfect option for the mining industry, as it is particularly effective in working environments with low light. Like our Bright Gear range, the items in our Glow Gear range are bright orange in colour, which offers the wearer the highest level of visibility required.

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Chemical Industry

Chemicals are used in many industries in a variety of ways, including in factories, shops, laboratories, offices and farms.  Some workplaces present a bigger risk of chemical burns than others. It is vitally important that employees have access to the very best protective clothing, to mitigate injury and harm. phs Besafe’s Flame Gear range is flame resistant, which means it’s suitable in any environment where there may be flammable gases for welding, cutting or grinding. 

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Utilities Industry

Utility workers need to be seen, in order to stay safe, so phs Besafe’s high visibility Bright Gear range offers maximum comfort and performance with maximum lifespan. Its unique poly-cotton blend offers a comfortable, soft-touch fabric that features an invisible breathable finish that helps repel water and staining. This workwear range can endure all climates because the garments are lightweight, however our jackets and coveralls have built-in heavy duty zips to limit wind chill effect.

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