How phs Besafe can help the transport industry

Despite the transport industry being the safest it’s ever been for customers, railways in particular continue to be a relatively high risk industry for staff both in terms of injuries and fatalities. Track workers are particularly vulnerable to accidents due to their exposure to moving trains and high voltage electricity, the use of heavy plant and equipment, exposure to poor weather conditions and the frequent need for working anti-social hours. 

Any job that requires staff to work alongside heavy vehicles, such as buses or coaches, or the maintenance of trains or tracks is ultimately high risk, so employers must ensure staff are adequately protected from exposure to injury.

Employees working on train tracks or around a coach depot, particularly in locations where poor lighting may pose a safety risk, need to be issued with comfortable, high visibility clothing. phs Besafe’s high visibility Bright Gear range conforms to the Railway Group Standard (RIS-3279-TOM), as well as the EN 20471 Standard (European Standard), which is split into 3 classes to assess each garment’s level of suitability and durability. In fact, many of the high visibility items in this range, such as the Standard and Premium Coveralls, and the Standard and Premium Jacket, offer the European Standard’s highest level of visibility.

Typically for this industry, garments will be subject to large amounts of heavy soiling from oils and degreasers. The range is incredibly hard-wearing and colourfast and can withstand more than double the standard number of wash cycles for this type of garment, creating an unbeatable lifespan. To ensure garments are laundered on the correct wash cycle, all items that pass through our industrial workwear laundry services are hand sorted and segregated by their specialist properties, including flame retardancy and high visibility. Throughout our laundry service, every garment is carefully inspected and repaired before being returned. This also allows us to carry out any alterations such as leg or sleeve shortening if required.