PHS Besafe Uniform Destruction Service

Uniform Destruction Service

Our uniform destruction service protects your brand image, ensuring any branded workwear that is no longer needed, is thoroughly destroyed of in a controlled and highly secure environment.

  • 1.2Million+ Workwear garments laundered every year
  • 850Thousand+ Garments in circulation throughout the UK
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The benefits of using our  uniform destruction service:
  • Eliminates the risk of old or contaminated uniforms getting into the wrong hands, where it could be fraudulently used.
  • Using one supplier to launder as well as remove and destroy your uniform will save you time and money.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by efficiently managing the number of vehicles that come to your sites.
  • Works seamlessly with out laundry process, just put a red tag on any garments that you want to dispose of.
  • Our Enviro Garment Removal Service can be used in conjunction with our Full Service Rental, Garment Only Rental and our Direct Purchase options.

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Uniform Destruction Process

Fraud is a constant worry for any business owner hoping to maintain a trusted brand image. However, when it comes to workwear branding, we can easily take this worry away with our trusted  and convenient uniform destruction service.

Our uniform destruction process is simple. It’s designed to save you time and money; eradicating the need to employ additional uniform collectors and transportation from a separate source.

We’ll launder your workwear, repair any damage, and then safely destroy it when it reaches the end of its life.

What to expect from this service

Our services are designed to make your business operations run smoothly. Here’s what you can expect if you choose to work with us:

  • Once a garment has reached the end of its life, you simply attach a red tag to the item and place it into a soiled garment bag ready for your next service.
  • At the next service we will collect the soiled garment bag and return it to the regional Workwear and Laundry centre.
  • When the garment enters our laundry, the barcode is scanned to remove the item from our database.
  • The garment is laundered and processed for shredding and a safe-disposal.

A cost-effective service

We offer a range of technical work-wear, laundry and destruction services. We are able to easily destroy specialist workwear, such as high visibility, flame retardancy and arc flash protection industrial PPE.

To provide you with a cost-effect quote, we will provide a survey that profiles your protection requirements based on working roles, your site, the needs of the wearer and the number of employees. We’ll use this to establish what laundry process will be best-suited for your workwear, providing a detailed price proposal encompassing all the above factors.

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