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Managed workwear solutions tailored to you requirements

The right workwear, properly maintained and laundered, provides the protection your employees need, whether it be from rain, cold, dark or hazardous conditions. Without the right maintenance in place, your workwear can become ineffective and non-compliant.

We offer a variety of service options to make managing your company’s workwear and budget as easy as possible

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Full Service Rental

A cost effective, all inclusive garment rental and laundry service. The full rental service solution enables you to provide staff with high quality workwear and includes our unique laundering service, making it easier for you to offset your costs and control your budget.

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Garment Rental

Provides the budget benefits of garment rental, but without an inclusive laundry facility. If required, you can still take advantage of our laundry service but on a Clean and Maintain basis, as and when you need it.

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Clean & Maintain

Allows your employees and their garments to benefit from a managed laundry service even if you want to purchase garments outright.

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Direct Purchase

Our extensive range of workwear solutions are all available for direct purchase when combined with a bespoke Clean & Maintain laundry service. 

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