How phs Besafe can help the Manufacturing industry

Metals and Machinery

When it comes to workwear and personal protection equipment the focus for these businesses is to keep their workforce safe. But achieving this is not simple for two reasons

1. The multi-facetted nature of these businesses

The complexity of operations in the metals and machinery industries creates a need for a wide variety of workwear and personal protection equipment (PPE). Understanding the risks and how they translate into the best possible solution for each individual worker demands expert knowledge in both legislation and what the market has to offer by way of solutions. There is a risk of taking shortcuts, letting the employees themselves decide what they need– or rather what they want and feel comfortable with. Even though it might be true that the employees want to stay safe, finding high quality workwear for each task demands a supplier with competence and broad sourcing capabilities.

2. Low understanding of the need for proper maintenance

The metals and machinery industries show a significantly weaker understanding of the need for control and maintenance than all the other industries that we reviewed. In industries where there is a higher risk of contamination – either contamination in the laundry process, (such as that of chemicals/oil spills) or contamination risk in the production process itself, a controlled maintenance process is a given. But a controlled laundry and maintenance process is not all about contamination. It is also about safety (and of course convenience). Workwear and PPE that is not under structured control and maintenance is a risk. Hi-vis clothing for instance demands a specific laundering process to ensure its reflective qualities are not lost. Not controlling or repairing garments or equipment is a risk as well.

It might seem an easy solution to give employees a small incentive for washing and caring for their own equipment but there is a risk of loss of control over the quality.

3. Total uptime = Supply just-in-time

Ensuring immediate access to the right workwear and protective equipment is a question of production uptime for most companies. Without the right equipment, there is simply no production. At the same time, we noticed many companies lack a good connection between workforce planning and the supply of PPE. This is often solved by having local suppliers that act as fire fighters – and instances where the employees can stop by, try out and pick up what they need - with the risk of course of not getting the best suited equipment or having to pay an unnecessary premium.

phs Besafe is a leading company in managed services of technical PPE workwear. Our strengths lie in our industry expertise, our seamless management of textile solutions and our National footprint. We work with some of the most demanding customers in the Petrochemical, Metal & Machinery, Rail, Construction, Transport industries making their business safer.