How phs Besafe can help the mining industry

Mines can be a hazardous environment and the possibility of fire, flood, explosion and collapse has the potential to simultaneously affect many people. Due to the dangerous nature of the work involved, the industry conforms to robust health and safety legislation, which includes the requirement of appropriate PPE to protect employees from hazards.

Working in a dark and restrictive location like a mine can be perilous, and wearing the correct protection can prevent or at least minimise injuries on the job.

phs Besafe’s Glow Gear range with VizLite Dual technology is the perfect option for the mining industry, as it is particularly effective in working environments with low light. Like our Bright Gear range, the items in our Glow Gear range are bright orange in colour, which offers the wearer the highest level of visibility required.

In addition, this range exclusively incorporates VizLite Dual technology, a revolutionary safety innovation offering wearers three levels of protection in low light and dark environments.

Compliant with international standards including EN20471 Class 3 RIS 3279, EN 13688, the dual technology phosphorescent reflective tape requires no batteries, as it charges in natural or artificial light in just five minutes. The garments have long lasting effectiveness – up to 8 hours per single charge, with no input required from employees. There are no on-going costs for this technology throughout the life cycle of the garment, and the technology continues to emit light after extensive industrial washing so can be managed as part of a comprehensive laundry system.

Another advantage of the Glow Gear range is that it’s comfortable enough not to restrict the wearer’s movement, and it includes features such as hammer straps, utility pockets, and zipped document and ID pockets, which are essential for keeping your employees’ belongings safe when working in low light. The soft shell jacket is also great for keeping employees warm when mining thanks to its fleece lining, and its windproof and showerproof properties.