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Roller Towels

Roller Towels are a low maintenance and convenient hand drying method for use in any environment.

Everyone has their own opinion on what hand drying methods are the most effective and most hygienic. Despite advances in electric hand dryer technology, the classic roller towel continues to be the top choice for many workplace environments.

Roller towels are highly effective at removing excess soap, dirt, and dead skin cells from hands and they have the added benefit of being a low maintenance, quiet and hygienic drying solution.

What is a roller towel?

A roller towel is fabric made from 100% cotton and they are hygienically contained within a roller towel cabinet. When you need to dry your hands, you pull down on the towel, which will only ever present the user with a clean section to dry your hands. The used part is then pulled up into a separate space at the back of the cabinet.

The design of the cabinet and mechanism inside eliminates the problem of towels jamming. For added hygiene they contain separate compartments for clean and used sections of the towel. This gives you peace of mind that you are using a hygienic hand drying method.

Phs Roller Towels

Are they hygienic?

phs Besafe roller towels go through a high-temperature wash and dry process to ensure all germs, bacteria and stains are banished. They are quality controlled and stored in a hamper bag to give peace of mind that the towel is kept fresh and clean until it is used.

We’re committed to providing a hygienic textile laundering service. We are proud to be members of the Textile services association (TSA)

The benefits of phs roller towels

  • A quiet solution, making it perfect for use in areas near meeting or clinic rooms.
  • Clean and used sections of towels are separated for improved hygiene.
  • A low maintenance and fully serviced solution, giving you one less thing to worry about.
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly, there are no additional electrical costs and they can reduce your paper waste which in turn helps towards your carbon footprint.
  • 100% cotton towels, a strong and absorbent drying solution.

Why choose phs Besafe?

As the leader in textile services phs Besafe understand your needs and we have a variety of different cabinet types and 4 different colour rolls to compliment your environment. Besafe’s trained operations team will install the cabinet and put one roll in each unit ready to use. We will leave your stock of rolls in a convenient place so you can replace them as and when required.

After installation, our ongoing servicing will ensure clean towels are regularly delivered directly to your business and we will take the used ones away. Servicing will be undertaken at a frequency to suit your business footfall and budget.

Used Roller Towels will then go through a specialist and award winning, high-temperature wash process to ensure they are completely bacteria free before reuse. This reuse element makes phs Besafe roller towels a popular choice for businesses that are looking to make a positive change and become more environmentally friendly.

Our pledge and commitment to you (TSA)

We pledge to always provide our customers with a hygienic textile laundering service. Each Roller Towel will go through a vigorous wash process within the innovative wash equipment that we have at our award winning laundry sites across the UK.

TSA Pledge