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We offer a wide range of standard workwear lockers to reduce casual theft within your premises and eliminate the need for staffed cloakrooms on-site. Our workwear lockers can be purchased outright or rented as part of our Managed Locker Service.

  • 569 Thousand Workwear garments laundered every year
  • 58 Thousand Garments repaired and altered annually
  • 6 Thousand Garments in circulation throughout the UK
  • Standard lockers are available with 5 and 10 lockers per unit
  • Durable construction and key access reduces the risk of casual theft
  • Standard lockers available for purchase or rental in conjunction with our Full Service Rental and Clean and Maintain services
  • Our locker service can be used in conjuction with Full Service Rental, Garment Only Rental and our Direct Purchase option

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Unique Washing Process

Locker services from phs are highly versatile and can be tailored to suit your business needs. Not only do we offer standard lockers in a range of styles but our standard workwear lockers are also available in units of 5 and 10, depending on the capacity required.

Lockers are secured with key access and constructed from durable, high quality materials. Our standard workwear lockers are manufactured from heavy gauge cold rolled steel for strength and are epoxy powder coated for an attractive, tough finish

phs Managed Workwear locker range is available to purchase outright or can be supplied for use as part of the Managed Locker Service.

Our Managed Locker Service includes Full Service Rental or Clean and Maintain services, whereby laundered garments can be delivered directly to an employee’s locker. Our bulk collectors also provide secure units for storing garments awaiting laundry collection.

What to expect

  • A phs consultant will discuss your workwear requirements, the type of work and amount of workers.
  • We recommend a locker service frequency based on your requirements.
  • Each garment is barcoded with individual employee details.
  • The workwear garments are delivered direct to each of your employees' lockers.
  • At the agreed intervals, we will attend your site and collect the workwear due for laundering.
  • Once the garments have been laundered, they are placed back into the employees’ individual lockers ready for use.

Price Guide

phs Workwear’s locker range is available to purchase outright. The cost of lockers varies depending on the dimensions, material finish and the amount of units purchased.

Alternatively, the lockers are available in conjunction with our Managed Locker Service, Full Service Rental or Clean and Maintain services, where freshly laundered garments are delivered directly to employees’ lockers.

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