Why Should You Choose phs Besafe Laundry Service?

Managing a team of workers isn’t just about making sure that they get the job done. Their safety and well-being are also part of your responsibility and wearing the right work garments can play a large part in staying both safe and comfortable at work. Legislation dictates the safety measures required on site, while productivity levels will let you know that your team is comfortable and confident when carrying out their jobs.

Though important, these aren’t your only concerns as a manager, and with an endless list of tasks, it can be helpful to have someone else to take the strain. Step forward phs Besafe. We’ll not only provide all of your PPE garments, but we’ll also fit, wash, repair and manage them for you too, ensuring that they remain compliant with legislation. Just one less thing for you to worry about.

Why do I need a commercial laundry service?

Oily or dirty deposits could significantly reduce a garment’s high-visibility, waterproof or flame-retardant properties so it is essential that they are regularly and appropriately cleaned. And if environmental concerns are also part of your agenda, phs Besafe laundries can also go some way to satisfying your requirements by using the latest washing and drying technology to conserve energy and reduce water pollutants.

But why should you choose phs Besafe over any other commercial workwear laundry service? We think our process speaks for itself:

Convenient Collection - With five laundries strategically located throughout the UK and a fleet of service vehicles, phs Besafe is able to offer nationwide coverage. Whether your business has a single site or multiple locations across several counties, we can offer the same effective laundry service.

A Friendly Face – We’ll assign dedicated personnel to your account. You can expect prompt and considerate service with a smile from everyone from your account manager, to the admin team and the driver who collects and delivers your garments.

Secure Chain of Custody - Thanks to our clever barcoding system, your work garments can be traced at every stage of the phs Besafe laundry process. The barcode is registered against the identity of the garment’s owner, their employer and the correct site to return it to. Information regarding the number of washes and repairs can also be linked to the barcode.

Regular Routine – Workwear items compromised by oil, dirt and/or grease are placed in the garment bag, bin or collector provided on site. Wearers can tag garments requiring repair. At agreed intervals, the phs Besafe service driver collects the soiled items, recording his action by scanning the location and signing a PDA. Items are delivered to one of our laundries using a liveried vehicle, where the garments are scanned and inspected, and any damage noted.

Specific Treatment – On arrival, all garments are hand-sorted by type – high visibility, waterproof, flame-retardant, etc. – so that they can be directed towards the appropriate cleaning routine. Incorrect laundering can either fail to remove stains or render the safety characteristics of PPE garments ineffective, so it is vital that they are treated properly to extend their usable life.

Low Temperature, Highly Effective – phs Besafe’s cutting edge laundry technology allows protective garments to be washed at temperatures as low as 40 degrees. We use organic detergents that don’t affect the special properties of the specialist fabrics; limit water pollution; and reduce the likelihood of skin irritation for wearers. Our processes also include heat exchangers which allow our laundries to save energy by utilising wastewater to pre-heat incoming water while also filtering used water for cleaner discharge.

Cool Customers – Unlike dry cleaning, we don’t use nasty chemicals or steam. Our drying processes are also set to low temperatures, using convected tunnel dryers for exactly the right amount of time to remove moisture – no more, no less. This combination of gentle but effective washing and minimum heat application during drying is not only better for the environment but also allows heat-sealed logos to remain intact.

Making It Right – Repairs are made as requested by the wearer, as well as any imperfections that have been identified by our vigilant laundry staff. Wherever possible, the same material of manufacture is used, in order to create an invisible repair. If the garment can’t be fixed, we’ll replace items that are on a rental contract and report back to you on others.

Bright and Breezy – Following a 5-point quality check, completed by hand, garments are either passed or sent back for further attention. We’ll never return a garment that isn’t fit for purpose. When they’re ready to go, each item is scanned, packaged and delivered to a nominated locker - clean, bright and fit for immediate duty. You’ll find no trace of detergent or dry cleaning chemical smell, just clean and functional protective garments, where and when you need them.

The entire phs Besafe commercial laundry process takes less than a week and we promise to have your items returned within seven days.

Which phs Besafe service do I need?

As well as tailoring your worker’s garments to fit, phs Besafe also allows you to choose your own level of service to suit your business’ needs. Whether you require a full service involving the fitting, supply and regular laundering of work garments or have existing workwear that needs ad-hoc cleaning, you’ll find the same attentive service and unbeatable results.

We’ll treat your own garments in the same ways as those purchased or rented from phs Besafe. No matter which service you choose, you can gain advice and guidance from our experience team, and take advantage of the online customer portal to monitor your account.

How do I know that the phs Besafe service works?

Customers across over 3,300 sites can ‘t be wrong. phs Besafe is also a trusted and approved Achilles UVDB and Link Up supplier.

phs Besafe launders in the region of 1.2 million workwear garments every year, many of them with specialist properties, and repairs around 58,000 so we’ve had plenty of practice in ensuring that our laundry service not only cleans work garments but also maintains their special qualities. All so that your staff stay happy and your business can remain compliant with relevant Health and Safety legislation.

phs Besafe is also able to provide detailed management reports, allowing real transparency on every garment assigned to every worker on every account. No wonder 98% of our customer have provided positive feedback and often let us share their success stories.

Get in touch today to find out how you could be the next phs Besafe success story. 

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