Why a managed laundry service is better for the environment than doing it yourself

For many businesses, sustainability and protecting the environment are important priorities. With the UK government setting some strict targets to help reduce waste and carbon emissions, it’s up to all businesses to play their part and create policies that are better for the environment. 

But sometimes, this means businesses must make some tough decisions when it comes to their everyday activities. For businesses and organisations that supply uniforms and protective workwear, maintaining clean, hygienic, and effective clothing is a priority. Many companies will choose to do this in-house in a bid to save money and convenience – but could there be a more effective, environmentally-friendly solution available? The answer is a managed laundry service. 

Learn more about why a managed laundry service is better for the environment, and your business, than doing it yourself. 

What is a managed laundry service? 

A managed laundry service is used by businesses and organisations to ensure workwear is laundered thoroughly and regularly, providing a convenient solution that saves time, money, and most importantly, the environment.  

A professional laundry service can ensure workwear clothing, including protective garments, are laundered to a high standard, preserving their lifespan, and ensuring workers always have suitable clothing to hand. 

Garments are collected according to the desired frequency, and returned directly to the business, providing a simple and effective solution. 

How does a managed laundry service help the environment?

A managed laundry service can help the environment in many ways, including: 

Protects clothing 

Using a commercial laundry service can ensure garments are cleaned effectively, using products and techniques that are designed to protect clothing from damage. DIY methods may be too abrasive and may not clean clothes as well as they should.  

By increasing the lifespan of clothing, fewer replacements will be needed, helping to reduce the impact of clothing waste on the environment, 

Uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods 

Sustainable practices are essential for contemporary workwear laundry services, understanding the need to protect the environment and use cleaning methods containing fewer chemicals.  

With phs Besafe, you can be confident knowing your garments are being laundered and maintained the correct cleaning methods. We not only adhere to UK legislation to ensure greener practices, but we go above and beyond to ensure our laundry services are safe and responsible, without impacting on quality. 

Uses the latest technology to reduce emissions 

A professional laundry service should ensure it takes advantage of the latest technology to provide effective cleaning, while ensuring clothes remain clean and hygienic. At phs Besafe, we produce protective workwear clothing that are designed with longevity in mind, ensuring garments can be washed repeatedly while preserving their quality.  

We also use greener practices when it comes to water waste. Using a heat exchanger, we cool down our hot water waste, while heating the fresh water, which is then filtered to remove solid waste, preventing it from being sent back out into the environment. 

Learn more about all the ways phs Besafe is helping the environment to promote a more sustainable laundry service.  

The benefits of a managed laundry service for your business 

As you can see, using a professional laundry service is an effective way of protecting the environment, swapping your existing in-house laundry services for ones that are consistently seeking ways to provide a greener laundry service. But what other benefits can a managed laundry service have for your business? 

Provides a convenient solution 

Commercial laundry services save a lot of time and hassle for businesses, who may not be able to house the equipment they need to launder clothing on-site. With dedicated technology and equipment, managed services are convenient, collecting and delivering clothing from door-to-door, ensuring your business can benefit from a reliable service that will save time and provide peace of mind.  

If your company or organisation handles a lot of workwear, a managed solution could help you save money, while providing high-quality results. 

Help reduce your energy and water use 

While energy rates are beginning to stabilise after a year of rising costs, the cost of laundering your workwear can still be a significant expense, especially when combined with water rates. But laundering your own clothing can also add to your carbon footprint, meaning you could miss your targets. 

When you choose to use a responsible industrial laundry service like phs Besafe, you’ll benefit from using a service that is actively reducing its own carbon footprint, passing those savings onto clients. 

Preserve essential workwear clothing 

Workwear clothing can be used for all kinds of reasons, including in construction, engineering, healthcare and more. When subjected to heavy use, workwear clothing can spoil and become damaged easily, meaning it needs to be repaired or replaced. A managed laundry service will carry out inspections and repair damaged clothing, replacing only when needed.  

When combined with a garment repair service, you can benefit from garment repairs and alterations that will preserve essential workwear clothing for longer. And when clothing comes to the end of its life cycle, it will be disposed of responsibly, ensuring it doesn’t end up in a landfill. 

Choose phs Besafe for clean clothing and a cleaner environment 

If you’re looking for ways you can improve your business’ laundry practices, and improve your sustainability efforts, then choosing a commercial laundry service can help you accomplish this. Learn more about phs Besafe’s workwear laundry services or contact us to get a free quote for your business or organisation. 

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