How phs Besafe are helping the environment

phs besafe helping plant plants

At phs Besafe, we don’t just make it our mission to ensure our clients are fully compliant with relevant Health and Safety Regulations, and that their workers are kept safe and comfortable by being provided with the correct protective workwear for their working environment. We’re all dedicated to protecting our planet in as many ways as we can.

One way we achieve this is by ensuring our products and services have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Despite the fact that all UK businesses should adhere to basic environmental legislation (such as actively recycling waste materials, and storing and disposing of their waste safely), at phs Besafe, we’re proud to say that we go above and beyond these requirements.

So, how do we ensure this? This starts with the construction of our protective garments, and our Glow Gear, Bright Gear and Flame Gear ranges have been designed to be very durable, thanks to their robust materials and features such as a stain release finish. As an example, many of our Bright Gear garments withstand between 25 and 50 wash cycles, which is more than double the standard number of washes for the average garments of this type.

Because safety workwear can easily become contaminated and is sometimes branded with a company logo, it often needs to be shredded to prevent the spread of contamination, as well as reduce the risk of theft and any unsuitable workwear ending up in the wrong hands! As many of the garments in our ranges last longer for than average, they’ll need to be replaced less often, and this reduces the amount of waste leaving your site and ending up in landfill.

Another way that phs Besafe reduces our clients’ environmental impact is through our secure uniform destruction service. One of the main benefits of this service is that we reduce the need for businesses to employ additional uniform collectors from another source; we simply do it all. This doesn’t just save you money on transportation costs; it also reduces your carbon footprint as it manages the volume of vehicles visiting and leaving your premises on a regular basis.

As part of our industrial laundry service for protective workwear, we also use organic detergent when laundering the garments. This is kind to the environment, as it’s free of chemicals that can cause harm to the earth and its species, and kind to skin as it reduces the likelihood of skin irritation for the wearer of the workwear. Organic detergent is also gentler on the garments we launderer, so it prevents fading and damage, while still being tough on oil and grease.

Additionally, the heat exchanger used in phs Besafe's Wickford depot also contributes to solving the growing problem of warm water waste. This is because it saves energy by cooling down waste water, through heating up fresh water.

All of our waste water goes through our heat exchanger, and this cools down the waste water by heating up our fresh water. Once the water has gone through the heat exchanger, it then passes through the filter system. The filter system removes all unwanted solid from our waste water, which reduces what we are putting down the drain.

Nonetheless, our commitment to protecting the planet goes beyond our products and services. As an example, last year we worked with one of our suppliers, Shield 360, to help plant 250 new trees in the Amazon Rainforest!

The Amazon Rainforest is home to 44,000 plant and animal species, over 2.5 million different insects, and it’s estimated to produce more than 20% of the world’s oxygen. However, each of these things is threatened by deforestation, which is one of the reasons we felt so passionate about getting involved in the reforestation project with Shield 360. However, we’re also pleased that it will also help some of the 500 or so indigenous tribes that live in the area to get access to the shelter, medicines, food, and work for which the rainforest’s trees are responsible.

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