Health & Safety Policy, Protective Equipment and Events Stewards – All You Need to Know

Many of us have missed out on attending, organising and performing at concerts and other large-scale events over the last 18 months. Now things seem to be settling down again, it’s time to get prepared for the recommencement of these fun and thrilling events.

Essential to the smooth running of any well-organised gathering is the event steward. Easily recognised in their high visibility vest or security uniform, these are the people who direct visitors and help enforce the health and safety policy of the venue.

Protective workwear and equipment checklist for event stewards

How can a hi vis jacket help satisfy a health and safety policy?

As well as guests being able to easily identify an event steward by their hi vis jacket, it’s also an employer’s duty of care to ensure that staff are adequately clothed for their job. To prevent accident or injury, events stewards need to be easily visible when directing traffic or helping to install events equipment. If working outside, they also need to be clothed to withstand the great British weather which can unexpectedly alternate between hot, wet and/or cold.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) workwear from phs Besafe combines weatherproof properties with high visibility clothing in our Bright Gear and Glow Gear ranges.

Alongside high visibility workwear, events stewards may also need ear defenders or noise cancelling invisible earbuds to protect against excessive and prolonged noise, 2-way communication devices for receiving instructions and reporting incidents, and security passes so that they can easily prove identity and access all areas where their services are required.

Making the effort to adhere to your business’ health and safety policy is not only a legal obligation but also helps maintain a healthy and happy workforce who will pass on these good vibes to concert or festival goers and helping to make the event a success.

Which kind of work safety clothes do my events staff need?

Most events stewards are in place to make security checks and direct traffic and visitors. In normal circumstances, the largest threats to their safety come from challenging customers, vehicles and the weather.

Premium hi vis jackets are not only bright but also comprise of reflective tape which light up the wearer when torches or car headlights shine on them. Our bright gear premium jacket has maximised visibility due to its double stitched retro-reflective tape keeping you safe within the workplace at all times whether indoors or out.

This premium jackets also offer maximum protection avoiding restrictions to the wearer due to its action back movement panels.

Foul weather high visibility clothing can also help in cold or wet conditions. Featuring GORE-TEX, this weatherproof workwear repels water while retaining visibility and offering a high level of comfort.

Security workwear may offer a higher level of authority at door checks, bars and flash point areas. The sight of a security uniform and a firm voice can often diffuse potentially volatile customer situations.

Fire stewards may be equipped with flame retardant workwear. Although they should never put themselves in danger by going towards fire and always allow professional firefighters to tackle blazes, the added protection will give them confidence in their role and help protect them in a worst-case scenario.

Where can I find high visibility workwear and security uniform suppliers?

With the health and safety policy of your business at risk, you need to ensure that any protective equipment you provide conforms to the relevant safety standards. This means only using reputable safety clothes suppliers who are able to demonstrate standards, such as EN20471 (high visibility), EN343 (foul weather) and EN11612 (flame retardant).

It’s also important that you use a reactive high visibility workwear and security uniform supplier who can provide work safety clothes to suit staff of any size and height. One size will not fit all and incorrect fitting could actually hinder the safety of your employees.

Your obligation to provide high-visibility clothing and security workwear to satisfy your business’ health and safety policy doesn’t end with finding good safety clothes suppliers. Just like any other protective equipment, hi vis security clothing must be maintained to preserve its protective properties.

A specialist laundry service can help preserve all work safety clothes, from hi vis vests to a complete security workwear outfit, including hi vis jacket, extending the usable life of high visibility and security clothing.

With laundries located throughout the UK, experienced and expert advisors on comprehensive range of high visibility clothing and protective equipment workwear, phs Besafe ticks all of these boxes. Get in touch to see how we can help you get entertainment back on the stage and field with properly equipped event stewards. 

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