Protective workwear and equipment checklist for event stewards

As an event organiser, ensuring that stewards have adequate protection to carry out their duties is paramount to a happy and healthy working environment. Event stewards have a range of responsibilities in crowd management and minimising the risks to members of the public in noisy and crowded situations. To ensure stewards can do their job effectively, protective workwear and equipment is needed to carry out the role.

Take a look at some of the most common protective workwear items and equipment that are needed to ensure they can safely manage events.

Protective workwear and equipment checklist for event stewards

Protective workwear

Stewards are used for a range of large events including music concerts, exhibitions and firework displays. In these circumstances, protective workwear such as high-visibility jackets need to be worn for easy identification. These jackets are vital for other members of staff and the public to easily see where they can get help, even in low light situations. If a steward is working outside, having other protective items such as gloves, hats and sturdy boots is also crucial for ensuring employees stay warm and comfortable in cooler evening temperatures. Sturdy boots also help when standing for long periods of time and prevent foot injuries when managing a panicked crowd.

Ear protection

As events, and in particular music concerts can be extremely loud, stewards are required to wear specialist protection to prevent damage to the ears. In some cases, this protection can be combined with communication earpieces so that it provides adequate protection without interfering with clear interaction between staff members. 

Communication equipment

Alongside other equipment, devices such as a two-way radio are often worn to keep a clear line of communication between an events team. These devices are used to report incidents and call for help when needed.

Security passes

To identify event stewards, lanyards with security detail are an ideal way to give access to staff during an event. These clearly marked identification tags are also used for giving members of the public peace of mind that they are talking to a professional member of the team who can help with their queries.

Weather dependent clothing

Events take place throughout the year so preparing staff for all weathers in an essential part of ensuring stewards are comfortable while they carry out their duties. In the summer, advising staff to wear a high-factor sunscreen and brimmed hat or cap is essential for preventing sunstroke or sunburn. During wet weather, providing employees with waterproofs and advising on wet weather boots will keep stewards as dry as possible. For evening events, supplying your team with a torch is also vital for checking on low-lit areas around the event grounds.

The safety and security of staff and members of the public is paramount at any event so ensuring your team have adequate protective workwear to carry out their job with ease will help to make your event run smoothly.

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