phs Besafe: Keeping your loved ones safe this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is the one day where we appreciate our loved ones and take notice of everything they do for us. So, at phs Besafe, we do our best to look after your loved ones and make sure they make it home safe, well and happy. We understand how important it is to know that loved ones are safe when they leave for work in the morning. It is our job to keep people safe at work, so our protective workwear ranges are designed to do just that. 

We provide Glow Gear that is made specifically to improve visibility, and heat resistant gear to protect loved ones in the harshest of conditions. Here’s how our range of protective garments have been designed with ultimate safety in mind…

Bright Gear

We offer a wide range of bright gear garments that are designed to make the wearer as visible as possible. There are numerous products in this range, from hi viz jackets and trousers, to overalls and polo shirts. All options conform to either the EN20471 class 1 or class 3 standards for high visibility workwear and they ensure maximum visibility to the wearer. Many products in this range also meet RIS 3279 standards and the Railway Group standard (GO/RT 3279). In addition to this, our garments are incredibly hard wearing and durable. This means they are able to withstand more than double the standard number of washes for this type of garment.

Glow Gear

Our Glow Gear takes advantage of the latest in high visibility technology. Viz 360 dual technology stores both natural and artificial forms of UV light, and releases this stored energy in the form of light as and when it is needed. A superb feature of this technology is the ultra-fast charge speed; 5 minutes of sunlight equates to 8 hours of glow. Impressively, these garments naturally react to changing levels of lights and will emit the stored energy accordingly. Most importantly, however, is the fact these garments once again conform to EN20471 standards, with many of them reaching the highest standard (class 3). They are also railway standard approved. This reemphasises the fact that those wearing these garments are as safe as they can be.

Flame Gear

Our Flame Gear workwear proudly protects firefighters. The flame-retardant jacket, trousers and coveralls provide superb protection against heat, flames and cutting. Once again, this range meets the railway group’s standards. Additionally, all of the garments in this range adhere to all relevant flame and welding retardant standards. This includes the electrostatic resistant EN1149-3 and EN1149-5 2006 European standards. Other standards they include the EN11611 welding class 2 and EN11611- EN11612 A1, B1 and C1. Moreover, our Flame Gear is of GORE-TEX construction to protect against difficult weather conditions.

 Other than outlasting similar products on the market and achieving a superb standard of safety, our workwear has a number of other features that set it apart…


All our products are made with comfort, functionality and maximum ease of movement in mind. The poly-cotton blend creates a soft-to-touch breathable fabric that repels water and resists staining.

Wide range of sizes

Loved ones and workers come in all shapes and sizes. We ensure that we cater for all, which is why we have a size range of XS – 5XL.

All weather

In the industries that we supply safety gear to, men and women will be working in rain or shine. Therefore, our products are designed accordingly. Whether it is the GORE-TEX construction of our jackets or the lightweight and breathable make-up of the hi viz polo shirts, our work ranges cater for all weather conditions.

Laundry service

As mentioned, our products can withstand up to double the standard number of washes. We also offer an industry laundry service. This involves us not not only washing and cleaning work garments, but inspecting them for damage. We'll also carry out any necessary repairs before returning them to you.

For further information on how phs Besafe workplace garments keep workers safe, please visit our site or contact us.


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