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Firefighters never know what sort of day they are walking into. From initial training, through to battling a raging inferno, being a firefighter requires bravery just to start work. Outside of the typical house fire, the fire service are the first responders to all sorts of accidents from rail and traffic incidents, to floods and chemical spills. This is why being prepared and staying safe is of paramount importance in the emergency services. With that in mind, ensuring protective clothing meets legal standards and is sufficiently maintained will ensure protection in this line of work.

There are a host of common risks that the fire service face while on duty. These include:

  • Extreme heat
  • Burns
  • Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide
  • Exposure to chemicals and toxic gases
  • Structure collapse

These are just a number of conditions that could occur and having reliable and protective workwear is the first step in helping to keep individuals safe in any environment.

Choosing protective and compliant safety wear

As we’ve seen above, the number of hazardous situations the fire service may face calls for suitable protective clothing to ensure they are ready to tackle the next job. The correct workwear, in this case should include flame retardant garments that don’t restrict movement. To meet the fire safety standards for this occupation, protective clothing has to comply with specific European regulations such as EN ISO 11612 (Flame Retardant). There are also other standards such as EN ISO 11611 (Welding) plus several more that set a precedent for compliant uniform. 

For jobs that require the fire service to come into contact with heat, gases and chemicals, phs Besafe has a selection of flame retardant protective clothing that ensures safety in these environments. This clothing also provides lightweight protection that doesn’t restrict movement while carrying out everyday tasks. Elements such as elasticated waists, kneepads and movement panels come as standard to ensure a comfortable fit.

The importance of maintaining protective workwear 

Protective workwear can go through a lot in a day so, ensuring it is well maintained and cleaned regularly will help to make it last longer. Prolonging the life of the fabric and keeping it in good order also safeguards the individual and prevents unnecessary exposure to harmful incidents when in use.

Maintaining protective clothing can be a tough job. It’s not just the condition of the fabric that has to be considered but also minimising the risk of contamination too. This type of specialist workwear can be affected by extreme cleaning methods, so using a professional laundry service will help to prolong the life of your protective clothing.

phs Besafe’s Industrial Laundry Services take care to wash protective workwear with organic detergents, plus they are also kinder to the environment. This service also inspects garments and makes repairs whenever necessary. You don’t have to worry about contamination issues either as workwear is collected from your site, cleaned thoroughly and returned ready to wear. Using a professional service not only keeps essential safety uniform well-maintained but it can also assist your business in reducing protective clothing replacement costs in the long term.

To find out more about our range of flame retardant protective clothing and our expert laundry service, contact us today for information.

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