How Workwear Laundry Services Ensure Garment Longevity 

Workwear serves as a crucial line of defence for employees, providing both protection and comfort while carrying out their jobs. Whether as part of a uniform or as a safety measure, workwear that’s worn consistently can take its toll on these garments, leading to wear and tear.  

Fortunately, there are solutions businesses can rely on to help ensure the longevity of workwear and ensure employees stay safe at work, including professional workwear laundry services. 

Curious as to how workwear laundry services can prolong the lifespan of your garments? Learn more about the benefits of this service and how it can work for your business. 

Why does workwear longevity matter? 

Businesses can invest significant resources into providing protective workwear for their employees. Not only is it required by law, but it also demonstrates an employer’s commitment to maintaining health and safety. By taking steps to prolong the lifespan of workwear clothing, businesses can experience financial, environmental and wellbeing benefits while promoting the importance of health and safety.  

How can workwear laundry services ensure garment longevity? 

Workwear laundry services provide simple solutions for businesses hoping to help their clothing last longer. Some of the ways this is achieved include:  

Specialist cleaning techniques 

Workwear is often exposed to challenging conditions, which include dirt, oil, chemicals, building materials, paint and more. While some businesses may choose to launder these themselves, ordinary detergents may not have the power to remove stains and clean workwear effectively. 

Using a professional workwear laundry service helps businesses benefit from specialist cleaning techniques that include industrial-grade washers and dryers, special detergents, and stain removers – all of which can leave work garments looking fresh and clean, ready to be worn again. 

Care for delicate fabrics 

Protective gear is designed using specialist fabrics to protect wearers. This includes flame-resistant fabrics, high-visibility materials, and GORE-TEX. These materials require extra care during the laundering process to help preserve their protective properties. Workwear laundry services have a deep knowledge and understanding of each garment type to ensure gentle techniques are used to preserve the integrity of the fabrics and maintain their quality. 

Gentle care is essential for many types of protective garments. From specific wash cycles to precise temperature control, professional care can ensure garments are cleaned thoroughly, without causing damage and other issues such as colour fading.  

Inspection and repair services 

In addition to cleaning clothing, professional workwear laundry services can also take care of garment inspection and repair. Upon receiving garments from clients, each item will be carefully inspected for signs of damage or wear, and action taken to either repair or replace the items as needed. Early detection of damage or wear means garments can be repaired promptly, preventing further deterioration, and helping to prolong garment longevity. 

Workwear laundry services can take care of common issues such as broken zips, missing buttons, tears, and loose seams, helping to restore them to their original condition. This can be a vital element in maintaining effective protective clothing, and ensures all repairs are carried out by experienced, professional hands. 

Proper storage 

Preserving the quality of workwear isn’t just about keeping it clean, it’s about keeping it safe when it’s not in use too. Proper storage can help ensure that garments are all stored safely and securely, protecting them from damage and making sure they’re available to access easily when needed. 

Locker services are ideal for storing workwear. They can help ensure employees have the items they need, and they can help protect against garment misplacement. Locker and storage services can make inventory management much easier, ensuring businesses can keep an eye on the items they have in stock. 

Custom plans according to your needs 

All businesses’ laundry needs are unique, which is why it’s important to have flexibility when it comes to laundry services. Professional laundry services provide packages that are tailored to a business’ needs, allowing them to choose the frequency of cleaning and personalised solutions that make managing workwear easier. 

Bespoke services can help businesses benefit from the most relevant services for their needs, making workwear management simple and convenient. Services can also be scaled up or down according to business needs, which can be extremely useful for businesses managing fluctuations in demand. 

Prolong the lifespan of your workwear garments with phs Besafe 

phs Besafe provides a complete workwear solution for businesses needing protective workwear. We supply garments and provide laundry and repair services with plans that are tailored to your business needs. We work hard to ensure all garments are carefully maintained, prolonging their wear, and ensuring the best value for our clients. 

Whether you’re interested in full-service rental, garment rental or clean and maintain packages, we’re here to help. We also provide garments for direct purchase if you’d prefer to take ownership of your garments. Explore our full range of services or contact us to discuss your needs with our team. 

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