Helping the planet, one wash at a time.

When we think about our carbon footprint, we tend to think about how often we drive our car or how good we are at recycling. But one thing we often forget about is the impact doing the laundry can have on the environment.

Doing the laundry means using electricity and water; two major resources that the world relies on.
At phs Besafe, we don’t believe in wasting these precious resources. So, we’re always investing in improving the efficiency and sustainability of our laundry processes; while maintaining our high quality of service.

Taking steps for a greener future

Businesses have an obligation to create a better world. But it’s not enough to only make environmentally friendly choices within your business. You should also expect the service providers you work with to share the same values.

At phs Besafe, we pride ourselves on being a supplier with eco-friendly values that our customers can be proud to work with.

Developing an innovative drying process

phs Besafe has developed Drysafe, an innovative technology that uses infrared technology to ensure dryers never run longer than needed. This means workwear is never exposed to more heat than is required; prolonging the life of garments and reducing the amount of energy used in the drying process.

The process was even awarded the Green Impact Award at the Laundry and Drycleaning Awards 2020.

Derek Brown, Managing Director of phs Besafe, is proud of this new process, and said: “The Drysafe process has revolutionised our business, cutting the length of time our machines need to run to dry garments which makes them better for the environment.

“A wash-load of polo shirts can be dried up to 50% quicker using this method. We launder over 1.2 million garments every year for workplaces across the UK, so these kind of energy savings have an incredible impact.”

Using less water

New machines have been purchased to reduce the amount of water used in the wash process. These machines also offer a more efficient way to use water, with final rinse water being safely and hygienically reused on the next prewash.

phs Besafe saves 300 litres every hour with these new machines and processes. To put this into perspective, a standard bath in the UK holds around 80 litres of water.

Improving driver efficiency

Software has been introduced to analyse driver routes and increase their efficiency. This has helped reduce the amount of fuel used while lowering the carbon footprint of phs Besafe vehicles.  So far, vehicle efficiency has been improved by 15%.

Why choose phs Besafe?

Services tailored to your business
A safe, unique process to remove all dirt and irritants, ensuring garments are returned clean, dry and safe to wear.

Tracking and reporting
All garments are barcoded to provide easy identification, tracking, and reporting on each item.

Nationwide coverage
A fast, efficient collection and delivery service with drivers across the whole of the UK.

High Quality protection
Garments use the latest material technology, offering the highest quality protection and compliance in harsh and dark environments.

A personal service
Flexible and reliable servicing that meets your exact needs, with just one point of contact.

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