Revolutionary infrared drying process picks up first award

phs’ Drysafe halves garment drying times

A new, innovative infrared drying process, which halves the time it takes to dry garments, has picked up its first award.

The brainchild of phs Besafe, one of the UK’s leading commercial cleaning and workwear providers, ‘Drysafe’ uses infrared sensors to constantly monitor the moisture levels in the garments and the core temperature of the drum. This ensures a constant drying temperature and an automatic stop once the garment is dry; halving the time the machine needs to run, saves energy and prolongs the life of the garment.

It was awarded the Green Impact Award at the Laundry and Drycleaning Awards 2020 (LADAs).

Derek Brown, Managing Director of phs Besafe, said: “The Drysafe process has revolutionised our business, cutting the length of time our machines need to run to dry garments which makes them  more cost efficient  as well as being better for the environment.

“A wash-load of polo shirts can be dried 50% quicker using this method and as we  launder over 1.2 million garments every year for workplaces across the UK, those kind of energy savings have an incredible impact.”

Judges from the LADA awards commented: “phs Besafe is working on, and investing in, a plan to reduce costs in many ways, including energy and the environment. The improvement in garment condition and lifespan, along with a big reduction in energy use, has a significant reduction on environmental impact.”

phs Besafe has invested heavily in green technology in recent years, allowing it to slash its overall laundering process times by 45%.

It saves 8,000 litres of water a day using water-recovery tanks and its heat-exchange system have reduced energy usage by 40%. A real benefit for the environment.

phs Besafe supplies garments and specialist laundering and repair services to businesses requiring high visibility and PPE workwear.

For more information about phs Besafe visit its website or follow phs Besafe on LinkedIn for the latest news. 

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