CSR is Our Business

When your business is that of protecting staff from potentially hazardous working environments, it’s difficult not to let that extend into the wider environment. As such, we’re proud to say that phs Besafe takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and we make every effort to ensure that our suppliers are doing their bit too.

phs Besafe’s responsibilities don’t end with the supply and service of protective workwear. Just as we provide an environmentally aware service to our customers, to help meet their CSR, we do our best to use source products and services from businesses that support our CSR objectives, too. This way, we all benefit from the resulting ethical and sustainable supply chain.

phs Besafe’s eco-friendly washing and drying processes use low temperatures and detergents that are kinder to the skin and the environment than standard cleaning agents. Our PPE workwear range is hardwearing, with heavy-duty zips and seams, and made from fabrics that are engineered to last. Together with our gentle laundering routines, you can be assured of long-lasting    garments which support our sustainability objectives and those of our customers.

Further Afield

While phs Besafe can be mindful to use products, services and routines that comply with our CSR at home, it’s not just actions on our doorstep that can have detrimental effects on our environment. Activities further afield can have a massive impact on us all in the UK. Take the Amazon rainforest, for example. We’re all aware of the devastating fires that have blighted the area this summer, placing lives, jobs and the natural habitat in peril.  While it may seem like a world away, sadly, the deforestation of these trees puts not only the whole planet’s supply of oxygen at risk but also weakens the water systems around the globe.

So, we’re delighted to be involved with the efforts of one of our suppliers to help reduce the effects of deforestation in the Amazon and other critical areas around the world. Shield360, who provides some of our Hi Vis polycotton range, already helps to protect thousands of workers in their day-to-day activities with their ranges of effective PPE workwear, manufactured to EN European Standards. To offset the production of each garment that we source from Shield360, the revolutionary clothing manufacturer makes a contribution to re-forestation programme, One Tree Planted which plants and maintains tree to help fight climate change. Since its inception in 2014, One Tree Planted has been responsible for re-introducing 4 million trees to forest environments, such as the Amazon, Canada, Ehiopia and the Philippines.

These projects also help to promote biodiversity by supporting indigenous species, as well as educating local farmers to cultivate sustainable crops without destroying the important vegetation. By taking part in these projects, phs Besafe estimates that it has helped trees to absorb 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

Creative CSR

At phs Besafe we like to stay at the forefront of clothing and laundry innovation, and have applied many exciting developments to our PPE ranges and services, such as VizLite Dual technology for our Glow Gear and heat exchange technology in our wash processes. Each of these advances has provided benefit to either our customers or the environment, or both!

Our supplier, Tranemo Advanced Workwear, is a case in point. Not only does the world-renowned workwear manufacturer have a reputation for ethically sourcing all of its products, we are now also seeing its workshops employ radical new manufacturing processes to utilise waste products that are commonly classed as nonrecyclable. In doing so, Tranemo is reinforcing our supply chain with responsibly-produced and sustainable garments.

be manufactured with a fraction of the CO2 emissions of ordinary polyester production.

Tranemo garments have been developed to last a minimum of 50 washes, and the use of EU Ecolabelled chemicals and dyes and we’re sure that you can appreciate that phs Besafe has found another supply partner that complements our CSR objectives fairly well.

Friendliness is in Our Nature

phs Besafe launders over 1.2 million workwear garments every year but we still manage to provide service with a smile. Our operatives are well known for their efficient, yet pleasant, nature which is demonstrated by 98.4% customer satisfaction for our products and services. It’s all part of our CSR to create a pleasant and sustainable working environment.

If you think that your CSR can benefit from phs Besafe products, services and conscientious supply chain, get in touch. Remember that we offer a nationwide service, supplying and maintaining PPE clothing. We also provide a laundry service, including collection of soiled garments and return to site, therefore passing on our CSR to you and your workers. phs Besafe currently service 9,170 delivery points across the UK. Maybe it’s time you made it 9,171!

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