phs Besafe Goes Back to Nature

As a supplier of PPE clothing, it’s second nature for phs Besafe to have the wellbeing of our staff, customers and the environment at heart. We’ve worked hard to lessen the negative impacts of our services by making conscious changes to the resources we use and the waste we produce.

Laundering is a necessary part of keeping protective garments in a wearable and functional condition. Dirt, oil and grease can severely reduce the reflective, flame retardant and waterproof properties of the clothing while improper cleaning can render protective workwear ineffective and non-compliant, leaving you and your staff in a vulnerable position.

So, as a responsible supplier, while we can’t cut laundering from our service completely, what we can do is decrease water pollution and reduce energy use throughout our garment washing and drying methods. And this is exactly what we’ve done!

On Friendly Terms

Using cutting-edge laundry technology, phs Besafe has refined a wash and dry process that is as eco-friendly as possible – just as many of us already do in order to be more eco-friendly in our domestic laundering routine.  We use detergent which are skin friendly, yet effective…in cleaning Hi-Viz, flame retardant and water repellent clothing. It’s also odour-free and dermatologically neutral, which means that garments are returned to their wearer unperfumed and irritant-free, while used water is filtered for cleaner discharge.

Anyone responsible for looking after workers using garments maintained by phs Besafe can be confident that the protective clothing will not only remain effective but comfortable too so that employees are happy to wear them as they go about their daily routine.

The use of these detergents also means that any effluent that’s discharged from our laundries will not harm the environment, allowing you to tick off some boxes in your own environmental policy.

Many of our customers work with hazardous materials. Should your staff’s garments get polluted, phs Besafe can collect, handle and clean contaminated items in the correct manner, preventing the spreading of harmful substances and, if necessary, dispose of them in a careful and environmentally conscious way.

Keeping Cool

In order to respect the environment and maintain the protective properties of our customers’ PPE clothing, phs Besafe laundries wash at 40 degrees in small drum machines. Our washing processes also include heat exchangers which allow the heated waste water to pass by the incoming fresh water supply, thus pre-heating it and saving energy.

Garments are also dried at low temperatures out of respect for our environment and to keep reflective fabrics functioning properly, therefore extending the lifetime of each jacket and pair of trousers. Our centrally located laundries and route planning software mean that our fleet of phs Besafe vehicles never have to travel too far to collect or deliver workwear, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

By using phs Besafe you can take steps to protecting both your staff AND the environment. Why not give us a try?

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