10 Reasons to Choose phs Besafe

Thousands of workers from a wide range of industries – construction to mining; transport to emergency services; and chemicals to utilities – are all currently benefitting from effective and efficient workwear laundering provided by phs Besafe. Here’s 10 reasons why site managers choose phs Besafe to look after their staff workwear, again and again…

1. National Coverage with a Local Feel

With six, strategically located depots, no matter where your business is based, you’ll be within easy reach of one of phs Besafe’s laundries. Our team of 36 drivers will ensure prompt collection and return of your garments, while still providing the personal and courteous attention that you’d expect from a local supplier.

Don’t be fooled by our friendly attitude, the support of phs Group, which caters for over 200,000 customers nationwide, means that phs Besafe is more than capable of handling the efficient and effective supply and cleaning of all your business’ work garments. phs Besafe itself is entrusted with laundering over 1.2 million items of PPE clothing each year, which are delivered to 9,170 different locations throughout the UK.

2. The Personal Touch

From collection of your soiled garments to their safe and clean return to site, you’ll find that phs Besafe provides a real hands-on service. Our drivers personally take charge of all of the garments, ensuring their safe transport to one of our washing facilities where each item of clothing is individually scanned on to site and hand checked for damage.

phs Besafe staff are real busybodies, completing repairs by hand, and loading each washing and drying machine, before each garment gets a final check on its way to being returned to site by the same driver.

3. Staying on Track

Thanks to our clever barcoding system, all laundry actions, including washing and repairs, can be logged to each item and its unique wearer. All garments are also scanned on collection and return to your site, allowing full traceability throughout the whole laundry process. This reduces workwear loss and also allows managers to ensure that all protective garments are being maintained in line with recommended guidelines, in order to remain effective and provide workers with the peace of mind they deserve.

4. Crystal Clear

phs Besafe’s unique web portal provides complete account visibility. You can check order status, access invoices, compile reports on wearers and garment inventories, all from one easy-to-use interface. You can also amend or remove wearer details, and search for locker availability to accommodate new starters or leavers.

This clever system keeps all of your workwear information at your fingertips so that you can better allocate your time to other management functions.

5. One-to-One

At phs Besafe, we know that a good relationship with our customers makes everyone’s job easier. That’s why we provide a dedicated Account Manager to deal with all of your queries, from your first enquiry, through to assessing the needs of your workforce and ensuring that your PPE clothing is where it needs to be, when it needs to be.

Your named, single point of contact can provide advice on suitable garments and brief you on relevant legislation, backed up by our experienced admin team and service professionals. Any concerns or queries? Just pick up the phone or drop us an email – we’re only happy when you’re happy.

6. Quality that Speaks for Itself

In many working environments, mud, grease and oil can reduce the reflective and repellent properties of PPE garments. These protective qualities can also be badly affected by incorrect washing processes, so it is imperative to not only launder workwear but to do so using a cleaning regime that will preserve the fabrics used, just as phs Besafe does with our specialised laundry service.

phs Besafe has worked closely with chemical companies to develop irritant and odour-free, organic detergents that are both effective and gentle on the specialised fabrics, prolonging the service life for each item of workwear.

7. Built Around You

Our experienced teams work closely with you to provide a flexible, tailored service. We’ll establish your business’ own individual needs before suggesting the type and number of garments, as well as the laundry service frequency that will keep your workers comfortable and adequately protected.

Your phs Besafe Account Manager will regularly review your contract and respond to your feedback to ensure that your laundry service is allowing your workforce to function safely and to their best abilities.

8. Safe and Sound 

We don’t just help our customers look after their PPE garments by providing an efficient and effective laundry service, phs Besafe can also help reduce loss and casual theft of workwear with our Managed Locker Service. Workers will feel more valued with their own personal, key-accessed space, which also provides a secure place to deposit soiled items and collect freshly laundered workwear.

The lockers are available in various configurations and colours, and constructed from tough and durable materials, with an appealing finish that will keep staff areas tidy and attractive.

9. A Real Team Effort

With phs Besafe, you’re never on your own. Your dedicated Account Manager will be able to offer advice and guidance throughout your contract. In the early stages, they’ll help you to specify the right workwear to ensure that your staff are adequately protected in their operating environment, with clothing that is comfortable and possesses the right protective properties - hi-viz, flame retardant or weather resistant.

At any time, you can seek advice regarding your legal requirements when it comes to protecting your staff. Our team can advise on regulations for the provision of PPE clothing and its maintenance to ensure that your business remains compliant with related Health & Safety legislation.

10. Supply Chain Assurance

Every successful business needs to be able to rely on its suppliers. phs Besafe has an excellent track record with superb customer service and high quality, effective products and procedures allowing us a well-earned place on the approved Achilles UVDB and Link Up supplier lists, as well as the title of Commercial Laundry of the Year 2018 (Laundry & Drycleaning Awards).

For the reassurance of reliable, experienced and capable workwear supply and commercial laundry service, call the phs Besafe team for a free quote.

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