phs Besafe Cleans Up at Laundry Awards

phs Besafe’s exceptional service has been recognised with the title of Commercial Laundry of the Year at the Laundry And Dry cleaning Awards (the LADAs)

Staff at phs Besafe are shining even brighter than usual as they celebrate their recent success at last week’s Laundry and Dry cleaning Awards ceremony, the LADAs. By clinching the title of Commercial Laundry of the Year, the garment and laundry specialist has been able to confirm its industry-leading efforts in ensuring the best possible solution for their customer’s workwear.

The awards were announced on 1st November at a glittering, red carpet event held at the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands Racing Circuit, Weybridge. Finalists were schmoozed alongside legendary classic vehicles, Formula 1 cars and driving simulators before enjoying a top-notch dinner to match the high calibre of the competition.

Established in 2015, the LADAs identify and celebrate the best in the textile care industry, and have grown year on year, with the 2018 event attracting a record number of entries. The ceremony honours all aspects of the dry cleaning and laundry market, from new products and newcomers to lifetime achievements, with nominations being judged by a panel of experts. By clinching the award of Commercial Laundry of the Year, phs Besafe is in excellent company with all of the other high-quality LADA winners.

phs Besafe launders 569,000 workwear garments every year with a 99% service success rate. Working closely with laundry chemical providers, the workwear supplier is able to develop the best possible cleaning solutions for its customers.

The unique laundry service, using environmentally friendly, organic detergents, ensures that laundered workwear items are returned to customers irritant free and without odour. The gentle but effective processes also preserve the waterproof and high-visibility properties of the garments, while helping to prevent fading and damage.

Ever conscious of environmental impact, recent improvements in phs Besafe’s laundry depots have contributed to solving the growing problem of warm water waste. New and improved heat exchangers save energy by using hot waste water to pre-heat incoming cold water, while also filtering out unwanted solids before safe discharge.

Accepting the LADA, Derek Brown, MD of phs Besafe said: “This award is for all 100 Besafe employees who work extremely hard to deliver our customer-focused service. From the measurement and supply of high-quality workwear to laundry and garment disposal, the team do it all and I’m very proud!”

To find out more about our unique laundry service and product offerings please call 0121 521 1400 for a free quote. 

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