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As key workers, the team at phs Besafe continue to provide national coverage during these uncertain times. This has allowed the team to easily identify what support they can provide businesses, across all sectors, to help get them back onto their feet.

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Hi-viz Workwear
Laundered Workwear

Laundered Workwear

As businesses begin to reopen, reducing the risk of contamination in the workplace is vital. For many industries, this will mean the frequency that employee workwear is changed, including PPE and uniform, may need to increase.

An easy solution is to increase the number of uniforms each member of staff is assigned. Increasing your set size will ensure correct and clean workwear is always available to employees, and that you can stick to your existing laundering rota with phs Besafe.

If you don’t want to increase the set size, you can instead adjust the frequency of your laundry service. phs Besafe offer flexible cleaning services and currently have capacity to support customers with additional laundering needs.

Additional workwear sets can be provided by direct purchase or through rental services. Both options offer managed laundry services.

Workwear will be collected from your site, laundered and delivered back to your staff lockers or designated delivery and collection point at a frequency of your choosing.

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Roller Towels

Make increased handwashing as fuss-free as possible for your employees by installing Cabinet Roller Towels at key locations.

Cabinet Roller Towels are a low maintenance and cost-effective hand drying option. They can hold up to 200 towel portions, all of which are 100% cotton.

The cabinets are designed to eliminate the problem of towels jamming and contain separate compartments for clean and used sections of towel.

After installation, regular servicing from phs Besafe will ensure clean towels are delivered directly to your site, while used ones are taken away for a deep clean.

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PHS Roller Towel
PPE Consumables

PPE Consumables - phs Direct

To reduce the risk of infection, many employers are reporting an increased need for PPE consumable products, such as disposable gloves, cleaning products, and masks.

phs Direct is a leading consumer of workplace consumables and can deliver required products to your workplace within 48 hours of purchase.

A wide range of products are available from phs Direct, including toilet tissues, paper towels, hand washing dispensers, and air sanitisers. All products provided are industry-leading and environmentally friendly.

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Prevent Contamination

For many businesses, such as restaurants or hotels, it may no longer be plausible for employees to wash their own uniform at home.

To decrease the risk of contamination, employees may be asked to change in and out of their uniform in the workplace; and will not be permitted to wear uniform outside of work.

phs Besafe offer a managed Laundry Service that can relieve the pressure of managing staff workwear. We can help ensure that your employees always have a clean, hygienically washed, uniform ready to wear at their workplace.

Uniforms will be collected direct from your site and can be returned fully laundered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

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Laundered Workwear
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