Winter Working - Navigating The Chill With The Right Winter Workwear

As the temperatures begin to drop and a crisp chill fills the air, one thing becomes abundantly clear: winter working demands a shift in our approach to protective workwear. For industrial workers braving the cold in sectors where indoor protection against the elements is impossible, the right winter workwear isn't just a luxury – it's a necessity. In this blog, we'll delve into the realm of winter workwear, exploring the options for the cold period and why they're crucial. So, gear up and let phs Besafe guide you through the best workwear for staying safe, warm, dry, comfortable, and visible during the winter months.                   

A Balance of Function and Comfort

When it comes to winter workwear, the key lies in achieving a delicate balance between functionality and comfort. Industrial workers need workwear that not only shields them from the elements but also enables them to carry out their tasks with ease. In sectors like construction, manufacturing, transport & automotive, and utilities where safety and productivity go hand in hand, winter workwear becomes more than just clothing – it's a tool.  

The Battle Against The Elements - Achieving Warmth and Waterproofing

Perhaps the

Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of winter workwear is its ability to provide warmth. The bitter cold can be not only uncomfortable but also hazardous. When snow and rain make an appearance – as we can expect from a UK winter climate – the necessity for winter workwear that acts as a barrier to both cold and moisture becomes even more apparent. Wet clothing can lead to discomfort, reduced productivity, and even health issues, so a solution that ticks all the boxes is a must for employers to fulfil their duty of care to workers and ensure a loyal and satisfied workforce. 


At phs Besafe, we offer a range of foul gear garments – including heavy-duty insulated jackets, base layers, and wind-resistant trousers and coveralls – that are essential components of protective workwear during the winter months. These layers trap warmth close to the body, preventing heat loss and ensuring that workers can focus on their tasks without being distracted by the cold. Our four gear garments also offer exceptional waterproof protection, keeping workers dry and ready to take on whatever the weather throws their way. 

Comfort is Key

Whilst warmth and dryness are top factors when providing workwear to your employees, comfort is also a significant consideration. Uncomfortable workwear is a hindrance to any job, but in winter, the stakes are higher. Bulky, restrictive clothing can limit mobility and make tasks more arduous than they need to be. That's why our phs Besafe workwear prioritizes comfort without compromising on protection. Clothing designed with ergonomic fits, adjustable features, and breathable fabrics ensures that workers can move freely and comfortably, even when bundled up against the cold. 

Visibility - Illuminating Safety

In many industrial sectors, visibility isn't just a convenience – it's a matter of safety. During the darker months, reduced daylight hours can impact visibility, making workers vulnerable to accidents. Winter workwear incorporates high-visibility elements, such as reflective strips and bright colours, ensuring that workers remain visible even in low-light conditions. This simple yet crucial addition enhances safety and reduces the risk of accidents on the job. 

Tailoring Workwear to Specific Needs

The essentials of winter workwear remain consistent; however, each industry or occupation has its own unique demands. For instance, employees involved in hazardous occupations such as welding, cutting or grinding may require more flame-retardant features – such as those provided by phs Besafe Flame Gear – to reduce exposure to harmful elements. Transport & automotive and construction workers may require garments that conform to specific safety standards for visibility – as provided by our range of Glow Gear. Recognizing these nuances and selecting the right winter workwear is pivotal for maximizing both protection and productivity. Our essential recommended items – jackets, trousers, coveralls and base layers – are available in a range of options to suit your specific occupational requirements. 

In Conclusion - Winter Workwear is Your Ally

In Conclusion - Winter Workwear is Your Ally

As the winter months approach, one thing is clear: winter workwear that is best suited to your industry or occupation is your armour against the cold, your safeguard against discomfort, your ticket to productivity and your safety shield. From construction sites to manufacturing floors, from transport routes to automotive workshops and beyond, protective workwear designed for winter working is a non-negotiable asset. It's a statement of commitment to safety, comfort, and effective job performance.    

 So, whether you're bundling up in insulated layers, strapping on waterproof gear, or embracing high-visibility elements, remember that your winter workwear isn't just clothing – it's a symbol of your dedication and resilience.    

 At phs Besafe, we offer an extensive choice of workwear that caters for employers large and small across diverse industries, whatever the weather, throughout the UK. Our fully tailored workwear supply service includes garment rental and laundry for all your employee needs. Download our workwear and laundry solutions brochure for more information, or contact one of our experts to discuss your requirements.


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