Why Bright Clothing Is Essential Kit for Protecting Miners

Mining is a potentially dangerous business.

There are different health and safety standards to adhere to, depending on where your workforce is in the world. Whatever the rules, it’s in everyone’s interests that your miners are as safe as they possibly can be in such a hazardous environment.

Anyone going down a mine is aware of the risks of collapsing ground, explosions, fire, and flooding. Then there are risks presented by the mining activity itself, such as breathing harmful particles or being exposed to loud noise.

That means when you think about PPE for mining, the obvious priorities are head, ear, and breathing protection.

But in dark, enclosed conditions, simply being visible is a crucial safety measure. Bright workwear in low-light conditions can prevent or minimise accidents and injuries.

PHS’s Besafe’s Glow Gear range with VizLite Dual technology is particularly effective in these hazardous working environments. For starters, this high-vis uniform is bright orange, which gives the wearer the highest level of visibility.

This protective clothing range also uses the innovative VizLite Dual technology, giving your workers the best possible protection in low-light and dark environments.

The dual technology phosphorescent reflective tape doesn’t need batteries because it charges in natural or artificial light in just five minutes. The effect is long-lasting – the clothing emits light and keeps your staff visible for up to 8 hours after a single charge. They don’t have to do anything else, so they can focus on their work.

The range includes a hi vis jacket, trousers, coveralls, and soft-shell coat. Once you own the garments, there are no further costs, because the technology lasts. The clothing continues to function properly after extensive industrial washing, so you don’t have to give it any special attention through your laundry systems.

It’s also compliant with international standards including EN20471 Class 3 RIS 3279, EN 13688.

Anyone who has worked in a mine understands that clothing can make time underground run more smoothly. Mineworkers told us being able to move easily is important, so the Glow Gear range is comfortable and unrestrictive.

The unisex trousers flex to each worker’s shape and movement, with a part-adjustable waist and articulated knees. They have reinforced, waterproof knee pad pockets designed to prevent water and grit getting inside.

Being able to carry important kit and documents in an organised and accessible way also helps miners do their jobs well. Glow Gear incorporates hammer straps, zipped document and ID pockets, and utility pockets for items such as phones, so everything is easy to find in dark conditions. It’s even easy for workers to check their watch, by folding back a protective wrist flap on the cuff.

It can be cold underground, so some of our jackets have a fleece lining to keep your staff warm, plus they have a windproof and showerproof outer layer to protect against the elements above ground.

On top of other PPE, the range will give you confidence you have done everything you can to prevent disruptive and dangerous accidents, while giving your workers simple tools to manage their work more effectively.

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