What does high-quality protection mean?

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To ensure employees have sufficient equipment to commence a job, employers have a duty of care to provide personal protective workwear for health and safety compliance. It’s essential for all employers to recognise that some jobs may present high-risk situations to employees and the need for high-quality protection could prevent unnecessary injury or accidents in the workplace.


Choosing suitable workwear is often considered by looking at the performance and value aspects, and in some cases is provided on a basic level to meet the minimum requirements to cover the safety risk. Looking at the broader picture in these circumstances could ensure you have the best protection for your employees, which will enable them to be more productive in the long-term. Cutting corners and choosing low-quality garments could impede workers abilities and in extreme cases put them in danger.


To provide your workforce with high-quality protection, there are several health and safety standards that should be met, these include:


EN 20471 High Visibility Workwear


This safety standard is suitable for any sectors that require employees to wear high-visibility clothing. To adhere to requirements, garments should meet the suitability and durability of retro-reflective materials as set out by this standard. There are three classes that detail the level of visibility with Class 3 providing the highest level, which is often by wearing both reflective jackets and trousers.


EN 11612 Protective Clothing for Heat and Flame


This safety standard for clothing is set in place to protect workers who may be exposed to heat and flames from becoming injured by substandard clothing. This performance standard is designed to test the flexibility of the material, plus provides a safety mark which represents a host of requirements that garments have to meet including:


•    Heat resistance

•    Tensile strength

•    Burst strength

•    Limited flame spread

•    Convective heat

•    Molten iron splash

•    Plus several other important tests


Alongside meeting these safety standards, purchasing high-quality protective workwear for employees is paramount to ensure they can carry out their job with ease. Considering elements such as comfort and movability helps to keep workers from feeling distracted or restricted by their clothing. Protective clothing that also offers a breathable and stain-repellent material is also ideal for heavy-duty environments. How well it is constructed to avoid rips and general wear and tear is also a significant factor.


Due to the importance of employee protection and the safety aspects that should be adhered to when choosing personal protective workwear, selecting durable and high-quality garments from the phs Besafe range enables you to tailor workwear to your employees for the best fit and optimum protection. The range of Glow Gear and Bright Gear conforms to safety standards and has a long lifespan to ensure maximum wearability with unrestricted comfort. The innovative design of this clothing is also ideal for a variety of work environments for maximum visibility. 


High-quality protection ultimately means providing your employees with the best safeguard to enable them to do an effective job. By adhering to safety standards and complying with health and safety regulations, you can ensure a productive and safe working environment for all. 


For more information on our protective workwear ranges and industrial laundry service, contact phs Besafe today.

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