What does high-quality protection mean?

Man wearing ornage high visibility workwear with PPE

In many industries, protective working gear is an essential part of the job.

Every employer has a duty of care to provide personal protective workwear for health and safety compliance. But as a good employer, we know that while it’s essential for you to comply with regulations, the safety of your staff is the highest priority. High-quality protection will prevent unnecessary injuries and accidents in the workplace. And, put simply, it saves lives.

That’s why it is so important to be rigorous when procuring protective clothing. However, there’s no escaping from the fact that when it comes to choosing your safety clothing, it’s not all to the same standard. What’s more, it’s not just a case of meeting the minimum standards to offer the basic level of protection. Seeking out high-quality gear with extra protection will keep your staff safer under your watch, enabling them to get the job done and go home safely at the end of each day.

Here are the top considerations you need to make when providing your workforce with the most effective protection:

Health and Safety regulations

To comply with the law, workwear must meet the relevant health and safety standards so check each item you’re providing conforms. Substandard clothing puts workers at risk of becoming injured. This includes the EN 20471 safety standard for high-visibility clothing for the suitability and durability of retro-reflective materials. There are three classes that detail the level of visibility with Class 3 providing the highest level, often by wearing both reflective jackets and trousers. Meanwhile, BS EN ISO 11612 standard covers protective clothing for heat and flames. This is designed to test the flexibility of the material plus its heat resistance, tensile strength, burst strength and properties for limited flame spread, convective heat and molten iron splash.


Garments which are ergonomically designed for comfort will ensure workers are not impeded when performing the task at hand and can even boost productivity. Enhanced movability prevents workers feeling restricted and even distracted by their clothing. High-quality workwear will also offer breathability for added comfort. For instance, phs Besafe’s workwear garments are designed to combine protection with maximum comfort. This includes our Bright Gear with lightweight and soft-touch fabrics while our GORE-TEX range is extremely durable in all weather conditions while providing an excellent level of comfort.  And our range of Glow Gear has an innovative design, ideal for a variety of work environments with maximum visibility.


Too many workers wear safety gear which is not their size. This can not only be uncomfortable but can cause hazards if the garment is oversized and can even compromise protection. Make sure your staff don’t end up with gear which is too big or too small by measuring employees, a service offered by phs Besafe before providing the best fitting workwear.


High-quality garments not only benefit from enhanced properties but can also last longer. Seek out gear which is designed to avoid rips, reduce wear and tear and even repel stains. Robustness and durability means a longer lifespan for garments and will preserve protective qualities so it continues to be effective wear after wear. As standard, every garment is carefully inspected and repaired by phs Besafe during our bespoke laundering service. What’s more, our cutting-edge laundry technology and carefully managed service respects the fabric and properties of workwear, preserving it and extending its life in the process.


The quality of protective gear is continuing to improve thanks to technology and new innovations. Want to make sure your workwear goes the extra mile for your staff? Look no further than phs Besafe. Our range of garments all have extra properties to offer the best protection, durability and comfort. This includes a mix of elasticated cuffs, articulated elbows and knees, movement panels, stud overlaps on zips to limit wind penetration, double stitching, pockets and a clock-it system for easy watch access. Our premium bright gear also offers features such as vent zips, zip toggles, key fob loops, adjustable cuffs and detachable sleeves.


phs Besafe strives to maintain and exceed the high standards of product and service you expect from your workwear supplier. Developed for optimum functionality and durability, phs Besafe uses unique fabrics and design features to provide the very best in comfort, fit, functionality and longevity for garments that need to perform in the most demanding of environments. We also offer personalisation of garments with your branding to make workwear your own. Garments can be rented with a cost-effective all-inclusive rental and laundry service or purchased outright with the option to add on a ‘clean and maintain’ laundry service.

For more details on our range of protective workwear and industrial laundry service, contact phs Besafe today. Call 0330 5884100 or email besafesales@phs.co.uk 

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