We Are by Your Side

When times are difficult, it’s always nice to know that there’s someone there beside you to help things go a bit smoother. While we have to observe social distancing, phs Besafe can’t be literally ‘by your side’, but we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to support you, your business and the needs of your staff when it comes to PPE workwear.

As well as dealing with the pandemic, industries still have to guard against longstanding workplace hazards, especially in winter and early spring when outdoor conditions can be harsh and lighting is poor. Construction, utilities, rail, transport, chemical, manufacturing and engineering sectors must continue to protect employees against workplace injury, while also remaining COVID-safe. Comfort, cleanliness and care have always been priorities for phs Besafe, helping to keep workers safe and seen.

In our laundries

To support the extra hygiene requirements that have become all too familiar since March 2020, phs Besafe is able to offer a rigorous laundry routine on all the PPE workwear you need to help keep your business safety compliant. Our operatives are trained in non-contact collection and delivery while our locker service will also provide safe access to clean protective garments for your staff.

Our effective, yet gentle, Laundry Service uses environmentally-friendly processes, avoiding the use of steam wherever possible. This maintains the protective characteristics of your workwear, such as reflectivity and flame resistance, whilst also removing dirt that can impede performance, and germs associated with the spread of Coronavirus.  On arrival at the laundry, the workwear is separated into small loads by garment type and degree of soiling. This allows us to process batches using the relevant detergent dose and temperature. For example, a gentler heat of 40 degrees is used on Hi Vis garments and 65 degrees on heavily soiled coveralls. The result is workwear that is fit for purpose and lasts longer than garments washed with harsh or domestic detergents.

At your workplace

phs Besafe’s Locker Service enables us to deliver laundered garments directly to an employee’s locker. We provide bulk collectors for the deposit of soiled garments which are regularly picked up by one of the phs Besafe operatives. Simply tag the clothing to notify us of any required repairs or alterations. We can also provide dissolvable laundry bags for workwear items that you suspect may have come into contact with the coronavirus or any other contaminant.  All we ask is that you tag the bags with COVID-19 so we know to handle them accordingly.

Our operatives will then whisk the dirty garments to one of our 5 local, state-of-the-art laundries to be wash, dried, bagged and sealed to maintain cleanliness. All items are barcoded, and scanned in and out of the laundry to ensure that the correct items are returned to the right named lockers with key access for peace of mind. The locker and laundry service means that staff needn’t take workwear home with them, minimising the potential to spread germs as well as reducing loss.

Always by your side

Durable heavy-gauge, cold rolled steel construction makes phs Besafe lockers secure and suited to any environment. Their epoxy powder coating makes them easy to clean, which is another plus when implementing COVID-19 precautions.

phs Besafe’s workwear service launders 1.2 million garments every year, through thick and thin. And as designated keyworkers, you can be sure that our services will continue to run throughout this pandemic. Contact us about our laundry and locker services and trust phs Besafe to be by your side.

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