Top tips for maintaining protective workwear

Protective clothing is worn in many different commercial sectors, and its role in keeping employees safe from potential hazards and contamination is an essential part of daily operations. This type of clothing can often go through harsh processes and come into contact with substances and working environments that take their toll on the fabric. Maintaining its safety properties and durability is vital for ensuring the protection of workers, plus the longevity and cost-effectiveness of garments for your company.

Take a look at these simple ways to keep protective workwear in optimum condition.

Ensure garments are in good repair

It’s natural for protective garments to become damaged during use. Due to the processes and environments some employees work in, it is essential for both workers and organisations to monitor the impact tasks have on workwear and efficiently manage repairs or replacements. This process will help to safeguard employees and reduce any contamination from impaired clothing. In some cases, garments will go beyond their shelf life and may need to be disposed of. In these instances, using our uniform destruction service will ensure contaminated clothing is disposed of safely.

Follow manufacturers guidelines

Protective clothing manufacturers generally have a set of guidelines for workwear storage and laundering. By adhering to these, this will help to keep garments in the best condition over the average lifespan of the material. 

Storing protective clothing

Many fabrics can start to degrade over time, and if they are not stored correctly, this can speed up the process. There are a number of conditions employees work in, and whether uniform gets wet, comes into contact with contaminable substances or is subjected to excessive heat, each can disrupt the composition of the material. To reduce these impacts, garments should be sufficiently laundered, dried and stored in a clean and dry environment. To keep protective clothing stored in these conditions, using our managed locker service will keep clothing stored in optimum conditions when not in use.

Use a commercial laundry service

One of the best ways to keep workwear in optimum condition and hygienically laundered is to use our industrial laundry services. We are equipped to handle large quantities of laundry items and have cutting-edge technology to ensure protective clothing is carefully cleansed during the wash process to avoid damage to the material. By using this service, individual items are also checked for damage and are carefully repaired before return to your facility. Any garments deemed unfit for wear can also be safely destroyed to prevent external contamination.

Industrial laundry services are a cost-effective and safe way to protect employees, as this prevents individuals washing items at home, which could lead to widespread contamination of hazardous substances.

At phs Besafe, we offer a nationwide commercial laundry service that provides a professional and hygienic clean for a range of protective workwear garments. If you’d like to find out about how this service could help your business, call us on 0121 521 1400 for more information and a tailored quote.

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