The technology behind the Glow Gear range from phs Besafe

Providing your staff with comfortable, functional, and well-maintained high visibility workwear is vital if they’re working in low light environments, such as railways, ports, quarries, mines, and construction sites. Because of the types of environments high visibility garments are required to be worn in, it needs to protect them from harsh weather conditions, as well as ensure they’re able to be seen in the dark.


At phs Besafe, our protective garment ranges include the Bright Gear range, the Glow Gear range, and the Flame Gear range. Each range is suitable for the following work types and working environments:


Bright Gear: a range of high visibility garments for railways, ports, and industrial and construction sites where aggregates are used.


Glow Gear: a range of high visibility garments that are suitable for railways, utilities, mines, quarries, and environments where aggregates are used.


Flame Gear: a range of flame resistant workwear that is suitable for any environment where welding, cutting, and grinding is carried out.


Each of our safety workwear ranges is compliant with the relevant health and safety standards, as well as being constructed out of hard-wearing, high quality materials, and being lightweight enough to not restrict freedom of movement. However, although the Bright Gear and Glow Gear high visibility ranges both offer protection in environments with low light, and they’re both fully compliant with the Railway Group Standard (GO/RT 3279) and EN 20471 Standard, they work in very different ways.


The items in our Bright Gear range are bright orange in colour, and they have double stitched reflective tape which collects light from a source, and reflects this light back to the original source (enabling the wearer to be seen). However, although the garments in our Glow Gear range are also bright orange in colour, they instead feature dual technology reflective tape which can provide the wearer with a third layer of protection in low light.


This reflective tape utilises photo-luminesce technology, which provides visibility in the following way:


  1. Photons in the tape absorb energy from both natural and artificial forms of UV light.
  2. The photons generate the increased activity of electrons.
  3. The electrons release their energy in the form of light, which automatically adjusts depending on the level of light in the wearer’s environment.


Our Glow Gear range provides three layers of protection, depending on the environment’s light levels. These are:


  1. Daytime fluorescence
  2. Retro reflectivity
  3. Phosphorescent illumination



One of the main advantages of wearing the high visibility garments in the Glow Gear range is that their dual reflective tape has a superfast charge. As an example, just 5 minutes of sunlight is needed to offer the wearer 8 hours of glow and protection!


Because the dual technology reflective tape is charged by sunlight, the garments are also comfortable and lightweight as they don’t require bulbs. Additionally, as the battery packs don’t need maintenance or repairs, the high visibility technology will last as long as the garments are free of structural damage (such as cuts, rips, tears, fraying, and burns from corrosion).


The garments in our Glow Gear range can also be laundered through our industrial laundry service to maximise their lifespan. The items are laundered at a temperature of 40 degrees using a gentle organic detergent to preserve their high visibility and flame resistant properties. After laundering, they’re also dried on a low temperature to preserve features such as reflective tape, zips, and logos.


For more information on our protective workwear supply and rental, and industrial laundry services, contact phs Besafe.

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