The Role of Workwear Laundry Services in Employee Wellbeing

For many businesses, workwear is an essential piece of equipment. Used in a large number of industries, workwear can include safety workwear and uniforms and helps keep people safe and recognisable whilst at work. For employees, it can also be a convenient workwear option, helping to keep them looking professional while helping to boost their safety and wellbeing at work.

For any employer, maintaining workwear effectively is important. Not only can it help you adhere to health and safety protocols, but cleanliness and hygiene are also in the best interests of your employees. In this post, we take a closer look at the importance of workwear laundry services in promoting a healthy and productive work environment.  

Why is workwear important?

Workwear can have several benefits for employers and employees, including safety, professionalism, and brand representation. It provides employees with appropriate attire for their specific roles, and offers protection against hazards such as chemicals, fires, sharp objects and others. It can also improve visibility, which can be vital for workers who work in the dark. Not only this, but workwear can also provide businesses and organisations with a way of promoting their branding through relevant logos and colours - helping to reinforce brand identity and bring employees together. 

Why is workwear laundry important for employee wellbeing?

While providing workwear offers businesses a lot of benefits, it’s also important that they maintain it. Ensuring that workwear is clean and properly maintained is essential for safeguarding employee health and wellbeing. It helps ensure your employees stay clean while on the job, and can help ensure they stay protected against different hazards.

Is soiled laundry a hazardous substance?

Soiled laundry can harbour harmful substances such as chemicals, contaminants, or biological agents, posing health risks to wearers. Regular laundering is therefore vital in removing these hazards and preventing the spread of infections or illnesses among employees.

How do workwear laundry services work?

Workwear laundry services are a simple service designed to make laundering workwear easy and convenient for businesses and their employees. These services involve using professional cleaning methods to remove dirt and contaminants to ensure garments meet cleanliness and safety standards. These services may include collection, washing, drying, ironing, and delivery of workwear items according to a predetermined schedule. Using specialist detergents and techniques, businesses and organisations can feel confident knowing their garments are being handled properly. 

Workwear laundry services like the service provided by phs Besafe can also include workwear maintenance services, designed to help repair any damaged garments, and recycle and replace any clothing that is beyond safe use. 

The benefits of workwear rental and laundry services for businesses and employees

Using workwear rental and laundry services offers numerous advantages for businesses and employees, including: 

Maintain your company's appearance

Clean, well-maintained workwear enhances the professional image of a company. Employees representing the brand in workwear that’s been carefully maintained helps display competence and reliability to clients and customers, contributing to positive brand perception.

Maintain health and safety

By ensuring that workwear is consistently clean and free from contaminants, businesses prioritise the health and safety of their employees. This proactive approach reduces the risk of workplace accidents, illnesses, and absenteeism, thereby promoting a safer working environment. 

Ensure workwear is properly maintained

Professional laundry services not only clean workwear but also inspect garments for damage or wear and tear. This proactive maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of workwear, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ultimately saving costs for the business.

Reduce the pressure on your workers

Asking employees to launder their own workwear can be problematic for a number of reasons. They may not use the desired approach to clean workwear effectively, and could damage the garments in the process. Given the recent increases in the cost of living, this could also place added pressure on your workers, who may be struggling with their energy and water bills. Using a managed workwear laundry service will help ease this burden on your employees, and ensure that their workwear is laundered properly by a professional service.

At phs Besafe, we can even provide a locker service that ensures that workers are always equipped with what they need to do the job. This can also help reduce losses, making workwear much easier to manage for both businesses and employees. 

Workwear rental and laundry services made simple with phs Besafe

Using workwear rental and laundry services can make it much easier for your business to manage its workwear. The benefits for your employees’ wellbeing can ensure that they are much happier in the workplace, and won’t have to worry about ensuring they have what they need for their roles. At phs Besafe, we provide a managed workwear laundry service to businesses across the UK, and laundered more than 1.2 million garments last year. 

We provide a range of services, including laundry and maintenance services, with clear pricing so that you aren’t faced with any surprise costs. We care about the wellbeing of your employees and provide services that make a difference. Find out more about our workwear laundry services or contact us to see how we can meet your exact requirements. 

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