The full circle of the cycle: the workwear rental service from phs Besafe

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At phs Besafe, we have over 50 years’ experience of providing protective workwear supply and laundry services to businesses across the UK. In fact, we currently provide our workwear services to over 3,000 UK sites, as well as laundering around 569 thousand garments annually, and repairing 58 thousand of these garments each year.


So, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing when it comes to helping you ensure that your staff are equipped with comfortable and fully compliant protective workwear!


However, when it comes to sourcing high visibility or flame resistant garments for your workforce, you need to decide whether you want to rent them for as long as they’re needed, or simply purchase them outright. You’ll also need to decide if you want them to be maintained by an external company.


At phs Besafe, we offer the following packages:


  • Full Service Rental: allows you to provide rented safety garments to your employees that are laundered and maintained through our industrial laundry service.
  • Clean and Maintain: even if you purchase your workwear outright, they can still be laundered and maintained through our industrial laundry service.
  • Garment Rental: this rental option doesn’t include our laundry service, although you can take advantage of it using our Clean and Maintain package.
  • Direct Purchase: enables you to purchase the workwear outright (without use of our industrial laundry service), although you can take advantage of it using our Clean and Maintain package.


Our Full Service Rental package is very popular for a variety of reasons. Not only is it flexible and cost-effective, because you only rent the protective workwear for as long as you need it, but it also prolongs the life of your garments, so you’ll spend less time and money on replacing them.


With our industrial laundry service, we launder workwear at a low temperature of 40 degrees, and we use gentle organic detergent to preserve their high visibility and flame resistant properties for longer. To protect their reflective tape, zips and logos, the garments are then dried at a low temperature in a convected tunnel dryer. As part of the laundering process, we’ll also inspect the workwear for damage, and carry out any repairs if needed.


We also offer workwear lockers to reduce garment misplacement within your premises, as well as the need for staffed cloakrooms on-site. However, our managed locker service also ensures that garments are delivered directly to each employee’s locker after being laundered by our team.


Additionally, to prevent contamination, and your branded garments from falling into the wrong hands, we’ll also securely dispose of them for you through our uniform destruction service.


Want to find out more about the full circle of the cycle? Here’s what phs Besafe’s protective workwear supply and rental service entails…


The process


Step one: choose your package from phs Besafe, contact us to make an enquiry, and a member of our expect team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


Step two: if needed, we can ensure your garments are the best fit for your employees by carrying out a full measuring service at a pre-agreed date and time to suit your business.


Step three: to track each garment throughout the process, it will be barcoded with the wearer’s name, their site location, and the name of their employer.


Step four: your new protective garments will be delivered directly to your site (and it will be placed in each employee’s locker, if you take advantage of our locker services).


Step five: once a week (on a specified day), we’ll collect any soiled workwear from your site (from the pre-agreed delivery and collection point), and this will be returned to you within 7 days.


Step six: when your soiled workwear is received by phs Besafe, our team will hand segregate the items by their specialist high visibility and flame resistant properties to ensure they’re laundered correctly.


Step seven: after being laundered and dried, the garments will be checked for damage, and any repairs will be carried out before being delivered back to your site.


Step seven: all garments will be polybagged and delivered back to your site at the agreed delivery and collection point (and be placed in your worker’s lockers, if you take advantage of our locker services).


Step eight: when your employees’ protective workwear has reached the end of its lifecycle, affix a red tag to it and place it into a soiled garment bag.


Step nine: we’ll collect the garments from your site and securely dispose of them through our uniform destruction service.


Because every one of our garments are given a unique barcode, we’re able to track and report on their status from original delivery to your site and employees, all the way to their eventual destruction. This enables us to provide you with regular management reports throughout their lifecycle.


For more information on our protective workwear packages, industrial laundry service, and uniform destructive service, contact phs Besafe.



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