Taking the Very Best Care of Garments

With all the other challenges in the world today, the environment remains a hot topic. As the  UK Government reinforces its intention to end its contribution to global warming by 2050 through the Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy, businesses must play their part in lowering their emissions and reducing use of non-renewable resources.

To reach these targets, all types of industry must put on their thinking caps and improve products and processes to collectively create a healthier future for our nation. Manufacturing to transport, chemical processing to mining, even our own laundries must refine their processes. However, all this must be done without compromising on product or service quality - a tough balancing act, and one that phs Besafe has been happy to embrace.

Rising to the challenge

It’s no accident that phs Besafe is the leading supplier of PPE and high visibility workwear in the UK, nor that our laundries take the very best care of garments to prolong their lifespan with a process that’s effective, efficient and sustainable. Success is down to two things - phs Besafe’s award-winning innovation and a lot of hard work.

And the progress and hard work never stops with phs Besafe having recently used its 35 years of laundry experience to introduce a new step to its unique and reliable garment cleaning process – Drysafe, an energy-saving, infrared drying process that also prolongs the lifespan of protective workwear.


In line with new sustainability initiatives, such as greener textile campaigns encouraged by WRAP, the UK organisation that promotes and encourages sustainable use of resources, Drysafe has helped phs Besafe cut drying times substantially and reduce energy usage while maintaining garment quality and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) properties. All-in-all, the useable lifespan of workwear laundered by phs Besafe is lengthened beyond that expected by other commercial launderers.

It’s no wonder that phs Besafe claimed the Green Impact Award at the 2020 Laundry And Drycleaning Awards, or LADAs, which recognises individuals and companies for dedication within the textile care industry.

Garment care for worker safety is our priority

The use of tunnel finishers for drying across the commercial laundry industry can see temperatures reach as high as 180 degrees Celsius in an effort to rapidly dry items. Not only is this a great strain on the environment, this process can result in damage to garments through over-drying and, in the case of specialist fabrics such as phs Besafe’s reflective Bright Gear and protective Flame Gear, can render them unfit for use.

Noting that every garment dries at different rates, phs Besafe has developed Drysafe, an innovative infrared control which constantly monitors moisture within the garments, not the machine. The heat is instantly removed as soon as the moisture has gone from the garments. Dryers never run longer than needed, workwear is never exposed to more heat than is required, drying times and energy use are substantially reduced.


All this without compromising on the effectiveness of our laundry service and continuing to take the very best care of garments to prolong their lifespan with a process that’s effective, efficient and sustainable, while also helping to keep workers safe with garments that are fit for purpose.

Get in touch with phs Besafe today to find out how being greener can often mean being better!

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