Recharge Your Batteries with Summer Sun

Whatever the time of year, we all enjoy a bit of sunshine to lift our spirits, revitalise our mind and recharge our batteries. Aside from brightening up our day, sunshine has lots of practical properties too – drying and charging up our Glow Gear workwear range.

phs besafe viz 360 hi visibility

phs Besafe’s new Glow Gear range combines innovative photo-luminescent tape technology with advanced fabrics to provide the ultimate in bright, high-visibility workwear – without the use of batteries or bulbs. Solar energy is used to keep this revolutionary range of protective clothing glowing in all the right places, wherever and whenever you need it to.

When the light fades, be it at evening time or in poor weather conditions, the phosphorescent material used in the Glow Gear range will glow. Having absorbed energy from artificial or natural light, the atoms that make up the fabric then emit this photon energy as visible light, effectively illuminating the garment and its wearer. What’s even more amazing is that it takes just five minutes of exposure to the sun or another light source to ‘charge up’ the tape for 8 hours!

With this state-of-the-art fabric applied to key points of each garment, the new Glow Gear range conforms to ISO 20471 standards. This states that protective clothing should provide conspicuity for anyone employed in high-risk environments, particularly when in close proximity to moving vehicles, night or day.

The benefits don’t stop there. With the Glow Gear range, safety doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Reinforced back panel and part elasticated waistband allow ease of movement, while vents make the workwear breathable in warmer conditions.

Find out how you can get hold of the ultimate in solar-powered, high-visibility workwear by contacting phs Besafe.

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