Three Reasons Why Foul Weather Workwear Is Important to Health And Safety

Foul weather workwear is designed to keep employees warm, safe, and comfortable. This protection is vital, not only during the winter, but all year round thanks to the weather in the UK.

Employees have a duty of care to provide employees with appropriate health and safety workwear.

Here are three reasons why foul weather workwear has an important role to play in the Health and Safety of your business:

1. Provides full body protection

Foul weather workwear can withstand all types of weather conditions, all year round. Protecting wearers from rain, wind and snow.

Adjustable wrist cuffs and glove friendly zips are just some of the features that make this type of workwear so protective. 

2. Reduces the risk of injury and illness

During the winter the number of workplace injuries increases. This is because of lower temperatures, poor visibility, and rain, ice, & snow

Foul weather workwear helps to reduce the risk of injury by keeping employees warm and dry. Eliminating the risk of cold stress, as well as slips, trips, and falls.

3. Offers high standards of visibility

During limited daylight hours and bad weather, outdoors workers need to be more visible than ever to avoid accidents. This protection is vital, not only during the winter, but all year round thanks to the weather in the UK.

Foul weather workwear offers high standards of visibility. Ensuring that reflective properties are not lost due to mud, rain, or snow.

Explore the phs Besafe foul weather range

phs Besafe foul weather workwear is made from Gore-Tex. Providing maximum comfort and protection.

Garment Only Rental, Laundry Service Inclusive Rental, and Managed Locker options are available.

Choose your workwear

Your employees can opt for full body coveralls, or mix and match with jackets, trousers, and salopettes. All available for rental as part of an industrial laundry service from phs Besafe.

> Foul Weather Bomber Jacket 
Approved to EN20471 class 2 standard in high visibility, and EN343 for the ultimate in foul weather protection.

> Foul Weather Trousers                          
Ideal for any employees working outdoors, these provide visibility and incorporates features to increase comfort under hazardous conditions.

> Foul Weather Salopettes
Protects the wearer from the chest down, giving quick release, with elasticated shoulder braces and back allowing for free and easy movement.

> Foul Weather Coverall
Provides full-body protection from all weather conditions, with an elasticated waist for increased comfort.



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