phs Besafe Joins Trusted List of BSIF PPE Suppliers

There’s no such thing as being too careful when looking for a supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In such cases, guidance and advice is very welcome from qualified and experienced sources, especially when the consequences of providing inadequate or insufficient safety equipment are so dire.

Established for over quarter of a century, the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is one such organisation able to offer independent support to PPE users by vetting suppliers to ensure that they fully comply with PPE regulations. As the UK's leading trade body within the safety industry, the BSIF is recognised as an authority by the Health & Safety Executive and promotes the strict criteria required by legislative and ethical standards. Its catalogue of Registered Safety Suppliers is a great starting place for anyone shopping for PPE, and phs Besafe is delighted to have joined the list.

As well as suppliers and distributors of safety equipment, the BSIF membership includes manufacturers, testers, certification bodies and service providers, all of which have signed a declaration that their organisation fully complies with Health & Safety regulations and any products or services that they offer meet the required standards. All products supplied are appropriately and genuinely CE marked so that counterfeit items can be avoided and safety levels maintained. In times when illegal PPE clothing and equipment is finding its way onto the UK market, a trusted list of suppliers is a very valuable tool.

The BSIF logo makes PPE suppliers instantly recognisable as a brand that can be trusted to take the safety of you and your staff seriously. Although phs Besafe has been adhering to these standards for years, membership of the BSIF allows us to offer additional reassurance to our customers. to these standards for years, membership of the BSIF allows us to offer additional reassurance to our customers.

The BSIF also provides training and events to help keep PPE suppliers and users up to date on legislation. The body offers honest and accurate advice on all aspects of the market, including export, as well as industry news from the BSIF’s own journal, Health & Safety Matters, and a library of resources including downloadable checklists, campaign materials and Health & Safety information. All can be easily accessed by the federation’s registered users.

As BSIF members, phs Besafe is looking forward to utilising these resources as well as sharing developments and ideas with the 210 other accredited suppliers and industry leaders who are members so that we can continue to provide the best comfort, fit and functionality for the 1.2 million PPE garments we launder every year. 


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