phs Besafe appoints Head of Operations 

Technical workwear specialist phs Besafe has appointed Eduarda Savazoni as Head of Operations as the business continues to grow across the UK. 

Eduarda oversees the 70-person strong operations team at phs Besafe’s warehouse and six laundry sites across the country.  phsBesafe is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist PPE workwear and laundry solutions. 

With five years’ experience in the laundry business and over ten years in supply chain management, Eduarda’s role at phsBesafe is to support the operational team to deliver the best customer service and to maintain the high levels of quality in garments and wash services. 

Eduarda said: “phsBesafe is on its way to becoming the market leader in the laundry and rental of technical PPE. It stands out from competitors, demonstrating the best results and quality, whilst maintaining its unique innovative and environmentally friendly approach. 

“As with all other sectors, we are in a challenging year with rising inflation and costs, but we push ourselves to ensure our processes are optimised and we are always working to improve our water and energy efficiencies even further.” 

phsBesafe is the only UK laundry using low temperature washes and the latest high performance, environmentally friendly products to clean PPE garments. It also has its own unique drying process too. Ita award-winning, innovative drying process, DrySafe, uses infrared sensors to halve traditional drying times, saving energy and protecting the garments, helping to maintain their unique safety features and prolong their life. 

As well as using over 25 different wash programmes and extensively reducing wash temperatures and cycle lengths to save energy and water, phsBesafe use water recovery tanks. These reuse the final rinse water from each cycle for the prewash of the next, saving over 100 litres of water in every wash per machine, resulting in a total annual water saving of 192,000 litres. 

Intelligent management systems are also be used at selected laundry sites. These provide real-time data analysis on machine, operator and system performance. 

This allows the team to immediately identify and resolve issues, such as spikes in water or gas use and any machine faults, for maximum efficiency, ensuring water and energy is never wasted. 

Derek Brown, Managing Director of phsBesafe, said: “Eduarda is a real asset to the team. She brings extensive experience and fresh ideas and we look forward to strengthening the business and continuing our growth with her as Head of Operations.”

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