The advent of online learning in Health and Safety

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Online learning or e-learning has risen in popularity over the past few years due to the flexibility and blended learning approach of theoretical and work-based practices. Many businesses understand that employees require the necessary health and safety knowledge to carry out specific tasks for their job, but also appreciate that classroom-based learning may not fit in with work and family commitments. For organisations, online learning is also a cost-effective way to gain access and accreditation from health and safety bodies to ensure every employee has an adequate understanding of their responsibilities at work.

If your company is considering online health and safety training for your workforce, take a look at how this could benefit your staff and what resources are available to get started.

Topics covered by online learning courses

Online courses cover the same fundamental elements as classroom-based studies and give a comprehensive training plan to help you pass the final exam and work-based assessments. Syllabuses cover everything from investigating accidents, assessing risks, common hazards and protecting the environment plus many other valuable areas employees will need. Dependent on the industry you are in; there is also an option to tailor certification to your sector such as construction and food preparation. 

Benefits of online learning

There are several benefits for both employers and employees that undertake online health and safety courses including:

For employees

  • Flexible approach to learning to fit with work and family commitments
  • Access to study materials 24 hours a day
  • Greater career advancements as a variety of courses available
  • Provides technical skills alongside work-based learning
  • Provides helpful feedback and guidance
  • Offers a variety of learning techniques such as video, animation and real-life scenarios to suit learning abilities

For employers

  • Lower training costs
  • Improved collaboration and teamwork
  • Adaptive to different industries
  • Ensures staff are knowledgeable and responsible in the workplace
  • Improved retention rates as staff have the necessary skills to carry out their job
  • Helps to prevent accidents at work

Handy online resources available to train your staff

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There is a huge selection of online health and safety training courses available from different training providers. Dependent on the level of qualification your staff require, you’ll have access to fully accredited national qualifications and CPD style courses. Every level of employees from manager to employees can benefit from online courses in health and safety, and choosing a training solution that is partnered with authoritative health and safety bodies will ensure your staff receive the most relevant information and qualifications.

A firm favourite for businesses looking to utilise health and safety training for its employees is RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). They offer a range of traditional courses, plus have also introduced online learning to meet the needs of all employers. They have everything from distance learning training that provides the National General Certificate to bitesize kits with specialist programmes and testing.

For a broader range of subjects such as workstation ergonomics, stress management and manual handling, there is also a host of free online resources to provide general information for all employees. Other aspects to consider involve educating staff on the importance of protective clothing in the workplace, and at phs Besafe we can help provide the best safety clothing to suit your workplace environment.

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