The Client

MI Vehicle Integration

The Challenge

With over 100 employees requiring multiple sets of flame retardant and standard polycotton coveralls, there is a large-scale uniform and laundry requirement at MI Vehicle Integration Ltd.

MI Integrations laundry

The solution

The Preston-based company offers manufacturing, product integration and assembly services to commercial and military vehicles and has been working with phs Besafe to rent and launder its specialist work garments for the last 8 years.

The Result

  • phs Besafe has over 85,000 workwear garments in circulation throughout the UK
  • and launders over 1.2 million garments every year
  • Its unique wash and dry process represents the fabric of workwear, waterproof items and high visibility
  • Extends the life of the garment and improves the safety in the workplace

Work laundry

Client Quote

"phs Besafe has really grown with our business. As our need for more garments and PPE have grown, phs Besafe has grown with us, never failing to supply what we need, even at very short notice. That kind of flexibility and reactiveness is key for a business like ours."

"We have a weekly service for the rental of garments for over 100 wearers, including sets of flame retardant, welding and standard polycotton coveralls, all with our company logo.

phs Besafe also provide us with a locker service, meaning our team always have clean, safe garments ready to wear in their lockers every day, and all of their dirty or damaged garments are collected safely in one place to be washed and repaired promptly.

Reliable services like this help our business run smoothly, ensuring our highly skilled and specialist team can continue to work effectively and safely to the best of their ability, providing a leading class service to our customers"


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