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phs besafe pile of dirty hi visibility workwear

Fulfilling your responsibilities as an employer doesn’t just mean providing your workforce with the tools for the job. It also means ensuring that the equipment is suitable for each employee and the particular environment in which they work.

Regular maintenance must be carried out on the equipment so that it continues to function correctly, and allows employees to complete their jobs effectively and safely. Would you consider providing a vehicle that was too big or too small for the job, or one that hadn’t been regularly serviced and MOT’d? No? We didn’t think so.

Likewise, you must also look after any safety clothing issued to your workforce by having it properly fitted, regularly laundered and checked for damage that may render it less effective.

With so many other responsibilities on your list, it should be good to know that where high-visibility workwear is concerned, phs Besafe can cover all of these bases - from initial fitting to regular laundering and from reparations to management reporting. Our Glow Gear range with Viz 360 technology  even includes the revolutionary material technology that literally glows in the dark.

We provide polo shirts, trousers, coveralls and jackets, for all weathers, fair or foul, and for pretty much every environment – GORE-TEX®, Arc Gear, Flame Gear and Bright Gear – professionally fitted to each and every employee.

As far as maintenance is concerned, phs Besafe provides a gentle but effective laundry process that cleans AND maintains the garments where standard washing or dry cleaning may fail. We’ll even collect the workwear from site to make it easy for you and your workforce to keep their clothing in tip top condition.

Workwear is cleaned, inspected (repaired where necessary) and returned to site within a week, whether your company is based at one site or at many, wherever you are in the UK.

Contact phs Besafe to find out how you can manage your safety workwear in one easy package.

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