How to keep your employees comfortable and protected in different weather conditions

worker in high visibility workwear pulling over a brushcutter


For employees working in low light levels, it’s vital that they’re provided with suitable safety workwear for their environment, and that this conforms to the correct health and safety standards to keep them safe, as well as ensure that your business is fully compliant.


As a minimum requirement, all high visibility garments issued to your employees must conform to the EN 20471 standard. This is split into 3 classes to assess a garment’s level of visibility, with those holding the Class 3 certification providing the highest level of protection. The class of garments you choose to equip your staff with will depend on the risk presented by their working environment.


Nonetheless, as well as ensuring your protective workwear is fully compliant and of a high quality, it’s also vital that the garments are comfortable to wear, and that they don’t cause accidents by restricting movement. At phs Besafe, we ensure this by providing our garments in a wide range of sizes (from XS to 6XL), and including features such as movement panels, elasticated cuffs and waists, and articulated knees. Garments in our Premium range also have dual fix positioning on elasticated wrist cuffs, and a lower access panel for kneepads to be inserted.


Another way that you should be ensuring the comfort of your staff is by providing them with workwear that’s suitable for the weather they’re working in. For employees working outside in colder conditions, you should keep them warm, and protect them from the elements as much as possible to prevent colds and flu (as exposure to lower temperatures weakens our immune systems). As an example, many of the garments we provide have built-in heavy duty zips to limit windchill effect, and the Soft Shell Jacket in our Glow Gear range is fleece lined, and has windproof and showerproof properties.


However, now that spring has arrived, and summer is on the horizon, you should be ensuring that the high visibility workwear you supply is also suitable for warmer weather conditions. One way to account for warmer temperatures is by ensuring your workwear is constructed from a lightweight material; at phs Besafe, our garments are a polycotton blend because it’s breathable, yet long-lasting and durable.


To account for changing weather conditions and seasons, you should also supply your employees with multiple garments that can be easily layered, such as a short sleeved polo shirt, long sleeved polo shirt, jacket, coveralls, and trousers. If you’re already prepared, then your employees will be comfortable in all weather conditions when they arrive!


At phs Besafe, we supply a wide range of high visibility and flame resistant protective workwear for various working environments and weather conditions. For more information, contact us.

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