How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Employee Workwear

Employers have a legal responsibly to ensure the PPE they provide to employees is maintained in an efficient working order, and in good repair.

However, 58% of workers* admit to washing their workwear at home on low temperature cycles. Worryingly, this incorrect washing of PPE compromises safety and puts the legal and safety responsibilities of businesses at risk.

Is your employee workwear getting damaged by home washing?

Allowing employees to wash their workwear at home seems like an easy way to ensue everyone always has clean workwear. But it could actually be damaging essential PPE and costing you money.

The risks of washing workwear at home:

·         Destroys garments due to incorrect temperature wash.

·         Can contaminate other clothes in the household.

·         Different chemicals used will reduce the high visibility and technical properties.

·         Causes damage to your washing machine and dryer.

·         Different speed washes results in unclean garments.

Domestic washing powders can negatively impact the effectiveness of hi vis workwear and waterproof properties.  Home washing often means that workwear is also not being inspected or repaired. This results in businesses losing sight of the number of washes a garment has had, or when it needs to be replaced, which is a dangerous position to be in.

By using an industrial laundry service to manage employee workwear, you will be improving the lifespan of the garment while ensuring they are always in full working order.

Choose a workwear laundry service that cares about the environment

A convenient solution

Ensure your workwear is efficiently cleaned and maintained with an industrial laundry service from phs Besafe.  This preserves the waterproof and high visibility properties of garments, extending their lifespan in the process.

Our innovative Drysafe process is energy-saving and uses infrared drying technology to prolong the lifespan of protective workwear.  It also uses specialist detergent, which is kinder to the environment and kind to skin.

How our Drysafe technology works:

1.       Infrared technology monitors the moisture within garments, and not the machine.

2.       Dryers automatically stop when garments are dried, reducing drying times by almost 50%.

3.       Workwear is never exposed to more heat than required, which extends its lifespan. 

> Option 1: Full Service Rental

An all-inclusive garment rental and laundry service. Providing a cost-effective workwear solution.

> Option 2: Direct Purchase

Workwear garments are available for purchase without committing to a bespoke laundry service.

> Option 3: Clean and Maintain

A managed laundry service for workwear garments that have been purchased outright.


*Survey by the European Textile Services Association

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