How to look after industrial workwear during winter

It’s important to assess your businesses health and safety procedures, and safe systems of work, a few weeks before the start of each new season. This will ensure everyone has the right workwear, and the right tools, to safely carry out their job by the time the season begins.

As we head towards the depths of winter, it’s time to start thinking about winterproofing your industrial workwear.

Working outdoors in winter

Limited daylight hours. Rain. Ice. And snow. The British winter offers it all.  So, it’s no surprise the HSE reports that slips and trips increase during the winter months.

Winter workplace accidents are commonly caused by:

  • Low lighting due to lack of daylight hours.
  • Slippery leaf piles on paths and in gutters.
  • Rainwater on paths and in building entrances.
  • Ice and snow on walkways and roofs.

3 tips for looking after workwear during the winter

Employers have a legal obligation and a duty of care to ensure employees are properly attired and briefed on what to wear during adverse weather conditions. To ensure your employees workwear remains compliant, you should:

  1. Inspect garments regularly – check zips, test reflective properties, and look for any holes.
  2. Ensure the correct workwear is being used for the right job – consider weather, temperature, and how restrictive the garment is.
  3. Use a professional laundry service – to ensure you always have clean and safe workwear available.

Take a load off your mind

Commercial workwear laundry services are perfect for industrial businesses looking to relieve the pressure of managing staff workwear.

phs Besafe offers a workwear supply and commercial laundering service to businesses across the whole of the UK.

The benefits of workwear supply and laundry from phs Besafe:

Tailor-made support for every sector  

Commercial laundry services from phs Besafe can be tailored to cater to the needs of any sector and business. This includes specialist support for the construction, manufacturing, and petrochemical industries. 

Make sure your employees stand out in the dark

The phs Besafe Glow Gear range offers premium protection in low light and dark environments; incorporating VizLite Dual technology to provide maximum visibility.

The Glow Gear range offers a super-fast charge time. Charging the garments in just five minutes of sunlight will provide eight hours of glow. The garments will naturally adapt to changing light levels, so you’ll always be protected when you need it.

Explore the phs Besafe Glow Gear Range

Glow Gear Jacket

A premium jacket offering maximum protection without any restriction.


Glow Gear Soft Shell Jacket

A lightweight jacket designed to protect against wind chills. With articulated elbows for freedom of movement.


Glow Gear Trousers

Comfortable trousers with cargo pockets and utility straps. Knees are reinforced with waterproof knee pad pockets.  


Glow Gear Coveralls

Maximum performance, and maximum comfort. These coveralls offer elasticated cuffs, movement panels, lots of pockets, and articulated elbows and knees.


Industrial workwear laundry services from phs Besafe

Make sure your employers are safe and comfortable this winter, with workwear supply and laundry services from phs Besafe.

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