How to Choose the Right Workwear Suppliers

The search for the right workwear suppliers can be a long and complicated task. Unlike other types of clothing, workwear needs to be functional and meet the specific needs of your business.

Workwear can include branded uniforms, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), in addition to corporate clothing. A specialist workwear supplier should be reliable, affordable and provide products that last.

Learn how to choose the right workwear suppliers and kit your business out the right way.

Consider the location of your supplier carefully

The location of your supplier is more important than you realise. If you encounter a problem, or you need supplies urgently, then a UK-based workwear supplier may be better able to get you what you need quickly. You can also benefit from office-friendly contact hours and being able to visit your supplier to view products in person if you wish.

Ensure the supplier has a wide range of products

When you run a business, you’ll know it’s easier to work with a smaller range of suppliers than to manage multiple contracts at once. Finding a workwear supplier that stocks a wide range of products can ensure you have everything you need, in addition to any future requirements.

From high visibility workwear to flame gear, a reliable workwear supplier will be able to provide products to suit a range of uses. The items should be made from quality materials and designed with expertise to ensure that the garments are fit for the job.

Assess quality and reliability in addition to the cost

For a lot of businesses, the cost is an important factor when it comes to choosing a supplier. But when choosing your workwear suppliers in the UK, you should also factor in the quality and reliability of the products you’re buying. Investing in workwear supplies can be a big expense for your business, so having long-lasting, high-quality items could save you money in the long-term.

A recommended workwear supplier will be able to advise on the most appropriate products for your business. Having a supplier with experience and expertise can be a valuable asset to your business, especially in times of emergencies or business changes.

Does the supplier come highly rated?

Finding industrial workwear suppliers in the UK isn’t difficult. Any Google search for workwear supplies will bring you hundreds of results. And while you won’t be spoiled for choice, those results may not always show the best or most reliable suppliers.

Choosing a workwear supplier with a great reputation, that comes highly rated, can give your business confidence. Positive word of mouth, strong testimonials and an established client list can all be indicators that the supplier you’re choosing has a reputation for providing good products and services.

What other products or services does the supplier offer?

In addition to purchasing workwear supplies directly, you may find it useful to choose a supplier that provides additional products and services such as workwear laundry services. These services can help you manage your workwear supplies more effectively, meaning you won’t have to deal with multiple suppliers to ensure a constant supply of clean, wearable workwear clothing. There are even workwear locker services available that provide seamless laundry operations for your business, helping you manage your supplies inventory more effectively.

Choosing the right workwear supplier is important for your business. It will ensure you have the highest quality products, and a service you can trust to deliver what you need. At phs Besafe, we stock a wide range of workwear clothing, including workwear garments, Gore-Tex overalls, safety clothing and more. We also provide workwear laundry services that are used by companies across the UK from a variety of industries.

Visit phs Besafe today to view our wide range of workwear supplies. 

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