How Industrial Clothing Management Can Improve Productivity

When looking for ways to optimise productivity in the workplace and maximise the work of your employees, ensuring they have the correct gear for the task at hand is one of the biggest factors.

Being highly and effectively equipped can improve morale, increase team spirit, provide strong branding, and of course, improve safety.

Giving your employees something they are proud to wear will increase their happiness and productivity in the workplace, and well-designed clothing helps with motivation.

Another benefit is that attractive and professional-looking employees help to give customers and clients increased confidence in your company’s services, indicating that you are a knowledgeable authority in your field.

Of course, all of these factors can work in negative ways too. If you don’t take proper care of your industrial clothing and expect team members to feel less valued, lose morale and work less efficiently.

Here are just a few of the ways these impacts can be felt:


For workers without a set uniform, choosing an appropriate outfit to wear in the morning can be time-consuming. Not only does this increase the chances of being late, but it increases stress and can lead to employees turning up concerned about what they’re wearing.

Staff with an effective, appealing and high-quality uniform are more likely to care for it, turn up on time, and to immediately become productive. Simply putting on a work outfit can change a person’s mindset and prepare them for work.

Increased Safety

From protecting employees and customers to reducing lawsuits and damaged property, safety should always be a priority for any company. Appropriate workwear is a huge part of this and will allow employees to carry out their work safely and confidently without fear.

Additional features such as hi-vis clothes and easy to reach pockets can increase this safety even further.

Workers such as welders, heavy machine operators, and those working in high or low temperatures or low visibility, all need specific clothing that keeps them safe and highly visible in their specific working environments.

This includes comfortable footwear, especially for those on their feet for long periods of time such as security guards - and protective steel toe capped boots for those regularly working around heavy or sharp objects.

When adequate uniforms are provided, accident and injury numbers will be significantly reduced and those that do occur will be reduced in severity. All of this helps to both boost productivity and improve your company’s reputation with the wider public.

Easier Identification and Brand Visibility

For staff members in public facing roles, it is crucial that customers can easily and immediately identify them. In many positions, easy identification between employees is just as important.

This can help provide a strong first impression, help your workers feel like the useful experts they should be, and improve internal communication or your business.

Such uniforms also provide an environment of equality, as workers feel like they are working towards the same common goal and are not above or below each other.

Save Money

Industrial workwear saves a lot of money in the long term. Commercial laundry services and uniform destruction services can increase these savings even more by handling the finer details for you. This can help remove all clothing-related hassle both from the company and from employees - including maintenance, repair, laundering, removal and replacement when damaged etc.

Let Us Handle This For You!

phs BeSafe is the UK’s favourite commercial laundry service. We pride ourselves on highly effective industrial laundry services to let you focus on your staff and company’s goals and not waste valuable time managing workwear. We tailor every laundering package to suit your business size and needs.

phs Besafe uses a unique wash process which respects the fabric of the workwear. Our service preserves the waterproof and Hi Vis properties of the garment, extending its life in the process.

To learn more about how we can help you save money and improve your employees’ productivity, contact us now!

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