Why effective hand drying should be a priority during Covid-19

Regular handwashing is the most effective way to kill germs and bacteria, and is key to reducing the spread of Covid-19.

However, a lot of people don’t realise that hand drying is an important part of the wash process. Instead of drying with a towel or electric dryer, many people instead choose to shake off water or wipe their hands on their trousers, which ends up spreading more germs. 

Workplaces have a legal duty to provide suitable washroom facilities to employees. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, state that washrooms must contain a suitable hand drying option.

With social distancing and strict hygiene procedures in place due to Covid-19, what is the easiest way for businesses to ensure employees have the most suitable drying facilities?

How should I dry my hands?

If not dried thoroughly, despite being washed with soap, wet hands can spread germs and bacteria. The drying process is key to removing any additional bacteria that may be clinging onto hands.

As part of their hand washing technique, the World Health Organization says hands should be thoroughly dried ‘using a method that does not recontaminate hands’.  The guidance goes on to recommend wiping hands on a cotton towel, describing it is a very an effective method for drying your hands and get rid of any extra bacteria.

It is easy to use and keep on top of clean cotton towels in the home. But in the workplace, it can be hard to ensure everyone is using a different hand towel, and that these are regularly cleaned.

Roller towels cabinets are the perfect workplace solution. They can be easily fitted on walls in key locations and provide a clean section of cotton towel for every use.

Benefits of Roller Towels

Roller Towels are a hygienic and environmentally friendly hand drying solution. They are low maintenance and cost effective, as they do not require any electric.  

Due to their hard-wearing nature, they are particularly suitable for use in industrial workplaces, factories, warehouses, and construction sites, and they can also be effectively used to wipe oil and grease off hands.

phs Besafe provides and installs Roller Towel Cabinets across the UK and Ireland. All Roller Towel Cabinets units contain 100% cotton towels in quantities of 100 or 200.  The towels provided are effective at removing soap, excess dirt, and dead skin cells.

Roller Towel Cabinets are designed to eliminate the problem of towels jamming and contain separate compartments for clean and used sections of towel.

After installation, ongoing servicing from phs Besafe will ensure clean towels are regularly delivered directly to your site, with used ones taken away. Roller Towels will then go through a specialist cleaning process to ensure they are completely bacteria free before reuse.

Want to find out more about how phs can help you and your business? Contact us now to learn more. 

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