Re: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Latest update - January 2021

New Government restrictions

 With the third lockdown well underway for all nations, please remember we are by your side. During these uncertain times, our account managers, customer service team and drivers are here to help you and your business. If you have any queries, please get in touch.

Following the Government restrictions announced on 23 March to reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we advised that the majority of phs staff had already been designated as critical workers by the Government and therefore we can continue to deliver essential services to our customers as much as possible.

However, like many businesses in the UK, our staff availability has been impacted by the Government’s advice on self-isolation and protection of individuals in the workplace who have been classified as “vulnerable”.  Despite these challenges, phs continues to deliver services to customers albeit on slightly reduced levels. Please bear with us if our services are not up to our normal levels.

We continue to take all necessary steps to mitigate the impact on our staff and our business and therefore the impact on our services to your business. We are monitoring Government developments closely and implementing their advice.

Supporting you and your business

During these uncertain times, our account managers and our customer services teams are here to help you and your business. We know many businesses across the UK have temporarily closed whilst the country is under tighter restrictions.  If you have any concerns or queries or when you are ready to re-instate your service get in touch and we can do a full review of your account.

Our business continuity plan

phs has implemented a Coronavirus (COVID-19) business continuity plan. The purpose of this plan is to maintain phs services, protect our staff and minimise the spread of the disease.  

The plan ensures phs can service as many customers as possible without placing our colleagues, or the greater community, at infection risk. It is monitored by our crisis management team made up of key senior directors and managers who have daily calls.

Customer Services

The impact of staff availability due to coronavirus self-isolation is putting extra pressure on our support teams but we are available on 0121 521 1400 or via email at if you need us.

Reducing the spread of COVID-19

In terms of controlling the infection, we are giving regular guidance and training to phs staff on personal health protection and actions that will be taken by phs to minimise the spread of the disease. All our staff are using hand sanitisers before each service visit and follow social distancing guidance along with our standard operating procedures.

We would strongly advise everyone to continue to follow Government advice on how to minimise the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), particularly on social distancing and handwashing. Should you have any specific questions on Coronavirus (COVID-19) now or at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Critical workers update

The majority of phs staff were designated as critical workers by the Government on the 20 March and should be able to access educational care for their dependent children. This will help us continue to keep as many drivers on the road as possible and our support teams available to help with your queries.

Covid-19: your questions answered

Are you still operating during this time?

Yes, we aim to continue supporting and servicing you with our roller towel, linen, workwear and laundry requirements.

Are you holding enough stock to deal with any surge in demand??

Yes, we are holding stock and continue to take stock in to deal with demand. We also work with a number of key workwear manufacturers and suppliers to support stocks of workwear for our customers; this is under constant review.

How do you recommend sending in a PPE / garment / towel belonging to a member of their staff who has been infected with Coronavirus?

The virus is only live on a surface / PPE for approx. 72 hours (equivalent 2-3 days) if sending in after that it will be fine through the normal process. 72 hours and under, you can place the item in a black bin liner clearly stating “Covid-19” or contact us and we can add a supply of soluble bags to your account. Therefore, safely storing contaminated items until next collection – these simply dissolve in the wash process. All we ask is that you clearly state they are COVID19 items. Our drivers will still put them into the laundry sacks accordingly. The health and safety of our employees is paramount, and we will ensure laundry operatives and drivers are equipped with gloves and masks when handling this type of contaminated product to minimise risk of cross contamination.

How do I increase or decrease my requirements?

For all queries regarding your account, our customer support team are available on 0121 521 1400. However, during this time our lines are busy and would actively encourage enquiries to be sent digitally via email to – our team will deal with all enquiries as quickly as possible.

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