Choosing The Best Workwear For Summertime

Workwear should be assessed at the start of every season to make sure it is suitable for the job and comfortable for the wearer.

Summer officially starts on 21st June, making it the perfect time to do a quarterly workwear assessment.

What does the HSE say about sunny weather?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers recommendations for working in the sun and in hot environments. So, any summer workwear rules should incorporate this advice.

HSE recommendations include educating employees on heat stress, and adapting PPE as necessary.

To help you get ready for the summer, the phs Besafe team have put together their own list of summer workwear tips.

5 Tips for working in hot weather

  1. Wear lightweight clothing that can be layered and taken-off as required.
  2. Choose breathable materials to help employees maintain a comfortable temperature.
  3. Opt for clothing that’s not restrictive, look for movement panels and elastic.
  4. Ensure employees have access to cold drinking water and plenty of shade.
  5. Consider providing sun cream products in rest areas to protect against skin damage.

Safe workwear for the summer months

phs Besafe offer everything from polo shirts to coveralls.

Bright Gear

Maximum comfort and performance for any type of work.

Range includes: Jackets, trousers, polo shirts, and coveralls.

Flame Gear

Ideal for employees involved in welding and grinding in any industry.

Range includes:  Jackets, trousers, and coveralls.

Glow Gear

VizLite Dual technology provides high-visibility and protection.

Range includes: Soft shell jackets, trousers, and coveralls.

Foul Weather Gear

Made from Gore-Tex for comfort and protection in any type of weather.

Range includes: Salopettes, bomber jackets, and long sleeve polo shirts.

Why choose phs Besafe?

Safety workwear from phs Besafe is made from hard-wearing materials, offering ultimate comfort and protection.

phs Besafe protective workwear clothing:

  • is perfectly designed for optimum functionality, durability, and protection.
  • features movement panels, elasticated waists and cuffs, and articulated knees.
  • can be branded and embroidered with your business logo and messaging.
  • can be bought outright with a separate laundry service or rented as part of a fully managed weekly service.

Managed workwear solutions

phs Besafe has a variety of service options to make managing your company’s workwear budget as easy as possible.

> Option 1: Full Service Rental

An all-inclusive garment rental and laundry service. Providing a cost-effective workwear solution.

> Option 2: Direct Purchase

Workwear garments are available for purchase with a commitment to our a bespoke laundry service.

> Option 3: Clean and Maintain

A managed laundry service for workwear garments that have been purchased outright.

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