The big businesses, making the big changes to reduce our carbon footprint

Without a doubt, one of the most important messages in recent times is the need to reduce our impact on the environment. Every aspect of our lives affects the environment in some way, and identifying how you can make improvements is the first step in making positive and responsible changes for future generations. However, it’s not just individuals that are required to reduce their personal footprint; its businesses and organisations the world over, too.

With that in mind, here at phs Besafe, we’ve been looking at ways we can lower the impact our business has on the planet, as well as implementing solutions to help our customers do the same.

Ways we are reducing our carbon footprint

Taking responsibility for your actions often starts at ground level and with the things you can directly contribute to, such as recycling and reducing energy usage. But within any industry, responsibility means more than just trying to adhere to regulations and guidelines. It acknowledges that something more needs to be done on a larger scale with the weight of your brand behind it. For phs Besafe, this involves partnering with Shield 360 on a project that has seen 250 new trees be replanted in the Amazon Rainforest. This type of partnership not only renews a lost source of oxygen, but it also has subsequent benefits for the indigenous tribes that live in the region, and we are proud to contribute to this. 

Promoting consumer power

As a business or individual consumer, the power is in your hands when choosing suppliers for your required goods and services. With the emphasis on corporate responsibility in industry, using organisations that offer customers environmentally-friendly solutions ensures the products and services still provide eco-efficiency after they’ve exchanged hands. At phs Besafe, our safety workwear does just that. The selection of protective workwear we have available is made with durable materials that last longer than other similar garments, which means you won’t have to replace them so often.

Contaminated clothing can also cause issues, as it needs to be properly destroyed to reduce the risk of contamination and theft. So, shredding and efficiently disposing of such garments will ensure that they don’t end up in landfill, which could further spread contamination. Our industrial laundry service for businesses also uses organic detergents, which are free from harmful chemicals, so workwear is laundered in a safer and eco-friendly way.

Other companies that are making positive changes

As environmental issues become more widespread, other companies have also been stepping up to the mark to introduce greener ways to do business. Take a look at some of the most prominent examples:

  • Ecotricity – As a supplier of green energy, this company has always delivered green energy solutions, but more recently, they have been awarded registration from the Vegan Society for providing the world’s first Vegan electricity.
  • Ikea – This well-known Swedish homeware brand has invested heavily in becoming a sustainable company through its entire operation, from the supply chain to store level. Its aim by 2020 is to be powered entirely by renewables too.
  • Dell – As a leading manufacturer of computer equipment, Dell has stepped up their game for safe disposal of its products. They have an efficient recycling system for customers and also accept other branded hardware too.

If you’re looking to make your company greener, partnering with phs Besafe for your workwear and industrial laundry needs will help to reduce your carbon footprint for long-term environmental benefits. Contact us for more information!

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