How phs Besafe can help Utilities 

Workers in electric, gas, water, sewer and other utilities share numerous safety concerns, and expose employees to a lot of risks and hazards every day. Utility workers are often working alone, around high voltage electricity, and with or near heavy equipment. They may be doing their jobs in extreme temperatures. Employees who work with toxic gases, chemicals, and other machinery are also exposed to dangers on a daily basis. As with any industry, adhering to and complying with safety standards and policies is an integral step in preventing injuries.

The main hazards with electricity are contact with live parts causing shock and burns, faults which could cause fires, and fire or explosion where electricity could be the source of ignition in a potentially flammable or explosive atmosphere.

Utility workers need to be seen, in order to stay safe, so phs Besafe’s high visibility Bright Gear range offers maximum comfort and performance with maximum lifespan. Its unique poly-cotton blend offers a comfortable, soft-touch fabric that features an invisible breathable finish that helps repel water and staining.

It's both incredibly hard-wearing and colourfast and can withstand more than double the standard number of wash cycles for this type of garment, creating an unbeatable lifespan. Workwear from phs Besafe is perfectly designed for optimum functionality, durability and most importantly visibility.

Workwear that’s able to protect workers from the rain, adverse weather conditions and low temperatures is also a necessity. This workwear range can endure all climates because the garments are lightweight, however our jackets and coveralls have built-in heavy duty zips to limit wind chill effect.