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Founded more than a century ago, Cemex has a proud history of supplying creative and effective building materials throughout the world.

In the UK alone, Cemex has over 250 different sites supplying ready-mixed concrete, cement, aggregates and asphalts. These building solutions have helped to benefit many customers who insist that Cemex UK operates to
the highest standards, complying with legal and ethical guidelines.

As such, daily tasks must be carried out using tools and equipment that will allow all workers to carry out their jobs effectively while also observing Health and Safety procedures. Through these measures, Cemex UK demonstrates both the value it places on the wellbeing of its employees as well as its dedication to supply customers with innovative, sustainable and efficient building solutions.

cemex phs besafe case study


Cemex UK’s Wickwar Quarry is located northeast of Bristol, conveniently situated to serve the West and the Midlands. The site also accommodates an asphalt plant and employs around 60 people.

Since they are often working in low light during mornings and evenings, industry and Cemex UK company policy dictates that quarry and asphalt workers must wear Class 3 high visibility workwear while on site.

These garments ensure that employees can be easily seen in all light conditions while operating in the vicinity of heavy machinery and vehicles. This requirement is especially relevant at Wickwar Quarry where operatives use a tunnel to access the site which can potentially compromise light levels, even during daytime hours.

Eager to demonstrate Cemex UK’s commitment to Health and Safety, Frank Hogg, Wickwar Quarry Manager, sought out the best high visibility workwear for his staff.


When the time came to renew the contract with a long-term supplier, Frank felt it was time for a change and was instead attracted to phs Besafe’s range of high visibility garments, thanks to superior quality and attentive service. On the most recent renewal of the phs Besafe contract, Frank simply updated the agreement to include the best product on offer – the new Glow Gear workwear with Viz360 technology.

Twenty-two workers at the Wickwar Quarry and adjoining asphalt plant have been kitted out with Glow Gear jackets and trousers with Viz 360 technology and, where appropriate, flame retardant and foul weather gear.

The combination of state-of-the-art, photo-luminescent Viz 360 tape technology and advanced fabrics means that the Glow Gear garments glow for up to eight hours after being exposed to five minutes of daylight or other light sources.

To keep the reflective properties of the Glow Gear garments in top condition, Cemex UK also benefits from phs Besafe’s weekly laundering service. Using on-site lockers, workers can safely store their garments and deposit them for cleaning or retrieve freshly laundered garments at any time of night or day.

Frank is able to raise any queries or concerns with a dedicated point of contact, in this case, Contract Manager, Bill Leggett.

phs besafe cemex uk quarry in wickwar


Cemex UK’s workers at Wickwar Quarry are equipped with one of the most advanced ranges of high visibility garments on the market – without the use of batteries or bulbs. Phs Besafe’s Glow Gear with Viz 360 technology means that wearers will stand out in all light levels while convenient features such as heavy-duty belt loops and pockets complement the sympathetic styling.

This range of workwear is fully compliant with EN20471 and RIS-3279-TOM (GORT3279) guidelines, giving Frank the reassurance that his employees are protected to the industry required standard.

Further practicality is added by the stain resistant qualities of the Glow Gear garments, though workers needn’t worry about keeping clean with phs Besafe’s reliable and effective laundry service. Here, specialised washing and drying processes are used to maintain the fluorescent and reflective properties of the high visibility clothing.

All workers are measured prior to garments being ordered to ensure the most comfortable fit for wearers. Regular reports are sent to Wickwar Quarry regarding repairs that have been actioned or items that have been misplaced ensuring every wearer has full traceability of all garments.

“I wanted to use the best product available to maximise our Health and Safety priorities and phs Besafe’s Glow gear with Viz 360 technology range seemed to be not only very well manufactured but good looking too!

I think these garments should be specified on all major projects that work in low light conditions, from road contractors to councils, whatever the industry.

We look forward to testing them out as the winter weather approaches.


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